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I bought this make up remover 6 months back. The tub contains 125 ml of product priced at Rs 2000 and it lasted me 6 months which is pretty good. 

The tub has a silver lid and is quite huge. I never really carried it while travelling. It contains a balm which melts on application. I bought this after reading a blog where it said that it needs to be applied to the face with fingers and then removed by washing it off. That is what the Clinique SA also told me while buying. I did that but was not convinced that it removed all the make up. It seemed like a messy way to remove make up.
When I visited the store again, the SA dipped a cotton pad on the balm and then used that to remove make up. I think that is the correct way. 

It is not very convenient to use for eye make up since it gets into my eyes and I am not sure if the mascara is removed effectively. I prefer a liquid remover for eyes. I used this one for my face and neck only. If the foundation is heavy and only few hours old (2-3 hrs) I used a cotton with the balm 3 times on the same area of the face. If the foundation is light coverage or day old I used the balm only once or twice in the same area. It leaves my skin slightly oily and I need to use the face wash twice to make my face squeaky clean. I anyway have an oily skin and do not like any shine on the face. I don't think the face wash should be skipped even though the SA will recommend it. I am very careful about removing make up everyday 'coz of breakouts and wouldn't recommend taking a chance. Also, if I use a tissue paper over the face after using the balm, some traces of foundation are seen on it. So, make up removal is not 100%. Face wash after this is, therefore, a must. 

Overall, I liked this product. I generally come home from work... remove my make up with this balm... head off to the gym and then wash my face after returning. It is definitely better than a liquid remover 'coz I need to wash my face immediately after using the liquid to remove the oil. Also the fact that it lasts 6 months is a big bonus. 

Will I re-purchase? I am currently trying out a similar product from Body Shop. I will compare and then decide on which one to re-purchase. But I do prefer the balms to liquid make up removers for the face. 

I have been gone a long time but it has been busy... with my gym/jogging/dance sessions, work and family, I rarely get time. There are a few empties I have been saving up for reviews and finally I am going to blog about them.
I have stopped buying the Vellvette/Fab bag. Instead, I read reviews of the bags and then decide if I want to buy one.
Last month I received a mail from fab bag team with an offer- I could pick a shade of nail paint of LA Splash in the bag. There were some nice glitter shades and I decided to buy the bag. I ordered for sparkling rose which is a pink glitter shade. The bag arrived with another shade altogether... and I was pissed. The only reason I ordered the bag was the nail paint. On complaining the correct shade was sent but it took its own sweet time and the response from the team was not serious. I am surprised that IIM grads can screw so bad. The quality of service has definitely fallen.
Anyway, here is the bag and the products:

A lot of bloggers have liked this bag. I don't know why... the quality is bag. The previous bags were of a softer material while this one is very rough.

And this is what the bag contained. I received the glitter nail paint later ...

Kama Ayurveda Lavender hair conditioner: I have been using this for the last 2 weeks and I like it. It does its job... and smells quite nice.

Anna Andre nail polish remover: This was the bonus product in my bag. It is ok... nothing great. The Colorbar nail polish remover is so much better. Why is the team sending products worth Rs 79 is beyond me. They might as well send across Lakme nail polish remover.

LA Splash nail paint Blowfish Violet and Sparkling Rose: The nail paints are ok kinds. They take a lot of time to dry and chip within 2-3 days.

MUA lipstick and gloss: I have not yet opened this.

I am not too happy with the bag and its contents. I am not sure it is worth the 500 bucks I spent. 

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