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So, here are this month's empties.

Kronokare body lotion:
I got this as part of my envy box. Btw, I have not bought the envy box this month because the products didn't look exciting. I can walk into Sephora and get Kama ayurveda samples for free. Why pay for them?
I had received a sample of 35 ml. It has extracts of lavender and thyme and is parabens and SLS free.
It is an Indian brand and has an interesting website though their instagram feed is ridiculous.

The lotion smells of lavender (which I do not like), is white in colour and thick. I found it a little hard to blend because it is thick. I prefer lighter lotions for my normal skin.
The plastic bottle is also quite hard making it difficult to get the last of the lotion out.

Will I re-purchase? No but may try other products.

Marks and Spencer antiperspirant roll on
MRP Rs 199 for 50 ml. This is my 2nd bottle of the roll on. It comes in a plastic bottle with a white roll on. The liquid inside is red in colour and contains water lily. I like the smell. It is fruity and fresh, one of the reasons I bought the roll on.
It works quite well and keeps me sweat free for 4-5 hours even while working out.
The only problem is that the white roll on part gets stuck sometimes and I have to roll it a few times for it to get working.
The bottle has lasted me a month and I use it atleast twice a day.

Will I -repurchase? Not right now. I will try on something new but if I don't like it I will definitely pick it up again.
It is available in all Marks and Spencer stores.

Ponds white beauty cream.
MRP Rs 199 for 50 gm.
I was looking for a moisturiser which will moisturise and keep my oily skin matte. I rarely use drugstore brands but decided to try this one.
It claims to reduce spots and has SPF 20.
The cream is in a glass jar which is very stylish and safe for travel. The cream is thick but spreads easily. I did not find it very moisturising... I didn't feel it penetrate my skin but rather sit on top of it. It goes on completely matte which is a big bonus.
Overall, I did not like the moisturising part of it... but it gives a matte effect which is good.

Will I re-purchase? No


Bourjois Velvet Stain

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I have been reading soooo much about this lipstick online and yet they have not yet launched in Delhi NCR. How can they be a hit already? Good PR?
I bought the shade Peach Club from asos.com. It cost me around 900 bucks including customs which is the price in India.

It is a lipstain which is a mix of lipstick and lipgloss. The consistency is that of a thick lipgloss which is completely opaque. The applicator is doe foot and applies well. 
The shade is a coral... mix of pink, red and orange. 

It applies comfortably and becomes matte in a few minutes... stays on for 4-5 hours and then fills into the fine lines. It becomes dry and I generally have to apply a lipbalm on top which turns it glossy.
It stays on for light eating and drinking but starts to come off after a heavy meal. Thats when it looks bad and needs a touch up or application of lip balm.

This is what it looks like immediately on application.

All in all, am ok about it. It does feel dry after a few hours and enters into fine lines which is a big con. But the color lasts since it becomes a stain after application of lip balm.
I don't plan to buy any more of these. 


Body Shop haul

I went crazy shopping on body shop website during the 50% sale. I had been eyeing the blueberry range since it was launched but did not want to spend unnecessarily. But with 50% off, it is all affordable now.
Another range that I love is the Ginger Sparkle. I hate ginger in my food but love the Body Shop range. Love the spicy smell.

I bought:
- Ginger sparkle gift set
- Blueberry body scrub
- Blueberry body lotion
- Cramberry reed diffuser set

Blueberry body scrub: MRP Rs 1195. Got it for 50%
I have been drooling all year over this. It smells so delicious. But did not want to spend 1k on a scrub. And now I bought it. After this, I am set till 2015 and do not need any more body scrubs.

Blueberry body lotion: MRP Rs 695. 250 ml. 
Needed a body lotion and picked this up for 50% off. 

Cranberry reed diffuser: MRP Rs 2595
I have become obsessed with the house smelling nice and have placed a reed/oil diffuser in the living room, bedroom and bathroom. I have the cranberry diffuser oil (picked it up 50% off in the previous sale) and it smells awesome. So, I had to buy this one. Expensive even after the discount.

Ginger Sparkle gift set: MRP Rs 2495
Last year Body Shop launched their X'mas collection which had vanilla, ginger and cranberry ranges. I became obsessed with the vanilla range specially the bath gel. Then I tried the ginger one and vanilla was soon forgotten. Had to pick this up at 50%.

It includes :
Body butter 50 ml

Shower gel 250 ml

Body scrub 75 ml: And now I don't need a scrub till 2016

 A cute heart shaped soap

How cute is the container...

Really like Body Shop service. 2 days after ordering I mailed them asking when it was getting shipped. An executive called in the next hour and informed me. The order reached the very next day. Hope they keep this up. 


Forever 21 online

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Finally... after months of waiting (yep, I was waiting)... Forever21 has started shipping to India. The shipping is free for orders above Rs 2500. For orders less than that, shipping charges are Rs 300-500.

I ordered a dress 3 days back and received it today. How fast is that!!!

Haul from forever21.com

Very happy with this. Now, I don't need to buy from asos.com. Anyway, the customs charges are killing. And I don't need to travel to Delhi to shop from this store.

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