Vellvette Box

I read about the arrival for Vellvette box and ordered it in October. I received the box today and below are the contents.

The packaging is nice and sturdy. There was a ribbon tied around it. Very cute.

And the contents are:

1) Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Body Lotion

2) Clinic High Impact Mascara

3) Shiseido spot targeting serum

4) OPI nail color: Lincoln Park After Dark

I was sent an extra product since I was among the first 100 to order the box. Nice!!!

Shiseido spot targeting serum: I am surprised at receiving this product. I do not have brown spots and did not mention anything like that in the survey. Well, I will try it anyway. The MRP of full size product is Rs 4400 for 50 ml. The sample has 9 ml which comes to around 800 bucks.

OPI Nail color: Lincoln Park after dark: I was least excited by this product. The shade is a dark purple which looks almost black. I already have this shade and the bottle is very, very tiny. Some boxes received a full size of this product. MRP of full size is Rs 520 for 15 ml. The price of 3.25 ml comes to around 12 bucks. Need a better shade next time.

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction body lotion: The note inside said that this product was sent as an extra for being among the first 100 to buy the box... but... all boxes have received the body lotion. Weird!!! No issues. A body lotion is more than welcome. MRP of 250 ml is Rs 810. The sample has 60 ml... price is around 200 bucks.

Clinique High Impact Mascara: I am most excited about this product. Anything from Clinique is most welcome and I love mascaras. Also, I have never purchased a mascara from this brand. Would love to try it and maybe buy one. MRP of 7 ml is Rs 1350. Sample is 3.5 ml... price around Rs 675.

I loved the notes along with each product describing it and its usage. Very well done.

Also, there are discount coupons for the full size product which can be purchased from the website. Very nice. I wonder how many conversions they have. The validity is till 30th Nov'12.

I paid 700 bucks for the box and received products worth 1700 bucks. Cool, na? I think its a great business model. The brands have received so much publicity. Everyone is writing about their box... plus customer trials AND conversions. For us, it is value for money.

I checked out other's boxes and other things received are:

  1. Lush body scrub: I WANT

  2. Clinique make up kit with eye shadow and blush: WANT IT SO BAD

  3. Shiseido day or night cream: Better than the targeting serum

  4. L'Occitane EDT: Yes!!!

Edited to add: The Clinique mascara is actually the extra and not the body lotion. Sorry for the mistake. And that makes me think- Would I have received only OPI, Shiseido and Victoria's Secret if I had not ordered early???



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I am becoming a little obsessed with Lush despite the not so great shower smoothie last time. Actually, there are such few options in the market for body washes that Lush seems heaven sent.

I have been using a shower gel for more than 4 years now. Like everyone else in India, I used soap... then, I joined a travelling job and soaps became inconvenient. Carrying a wet soap and soap dish in a bag is torture. I have been hooked to body washes since. Also, they don't dry my skin unlike soaps.

Despite all this I decided to buy a soap from Lush. I bought the Lemon soap. MRP Rs 300 for 100 gm. The SA told me it will last for 20 baths. Lets see.

I also decided to try the solid shampoo. The last soap cum shampoo I used was Shikakai as a kid. Anyone remember it? Of course, Lush seanik solid shampoo is nowhere close to shikakai. I love the humorous writings on the pack. MRP Rs 620 for around 100 gm. The SA told me it will last for 80 washes which is more than 3 months for me. I use it on alternate days. If it lasts that long I wouldn't consider it expensive.

The soap is blue in color with some green.


Lush Dreamwash Shower Smoothie

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So, after liking shower jelly I picked up Dreamwash shower smoothie from the store a month back. I have been using it for almost a month  and I am almost out of it.

I picked this up instead of the shower jelly 'coz I like trying different body washes. The BA had tried it on my hand. He wet my hand, took a bit of the product, scrubbed a bit and washed it off. There was no smell but my hand was squeaky clean. I like squeaky clean.

The smoothie is priced at Rs 1160 for 250 gm. Thats expensive... very expensive. The shower jelly would have cost around 900 bucks. It has lasted me around 3-4 weeks which is very, very less. The same amount of shower jelly would have lasted atleast 2 months.

The product is white in color and smooth... feels a little like talc. The main ingredients are aloe vera and calamine. It claims to cool the skin and take the heat out of troubled, sensitive skin.

Its usage is a major issue. I tried using the loofah but unlike the shower jelly it does not lather too much. So, I had to take a little product in the loofah... clean one leg... then take some more and then clean another leg. Very inconveniencing. On the 2nd day I decided to skip the loofah but I could not get any lather and my skin didn't feel squeaky clean after bath.

It did make my skin feel soft after bath. I don't mind that it does not have any fragrance... anyways, my body lotion covers up any smell.

Pathetic product... why would anyone create this and price it so high???

Will I re-purchase? No


  1. Expensive... freaking expensive

  2. Lasts for barely a month

  3. Inconvenient to use

  4. Better and cheaper options in the market


Himalaya Purifying Neem Mask

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Another face mask review. I tend to buy a lot of masks- a different one for each day.  Everyone raves about Himayala neem products- face wash and mask. I decided to try the mask.

I do not like tea tree or even neem... hate the smell.

Neem mask cleanses and purifies for a clear, problem free skin. It has neem and turmeric. Neem is supposed to be good for acne prone skin and tumeric removes bacteria. It also has multani mitti. The MRP is Rs 65 for 50 gm.

The product is thick and dark green in color. It looks like slime and looks very ugly on drying. Getting it off is also a little difficult... and the smell... eeks.

I need a lot of product to cover my face since it is quite thick. The 50 gm was good was less than 10 uses which I think is less.

The mask dries fast which is a big positive. I did not see a reduction in acne (when I got 1 or 2 acne) and neither did it reduce oiliness. I generally compare any mask with mutani mitti which makes my skin tight, pores smaller and imperfections less visible. None of the masks match up to that. Definitely not this one.

Will I re-purchase? Nope... not even at that price.


Body Shop Tea Tree Mask

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I am back after a break and I have many reviews. Basically, I have finished a few products and before throwing away the empty containers I decided to review them.

I bought the Body Shop Tea Tree Mask 3-6 months back and have been using it since. I had visited the store looking for a mask for oily skin. The BA did not direct me correctly and I ended up buying this mask which is for acne prone skin. I was looking for something which would reduce the oiliness. The BAs of Body Shop are pathetic... they look so bored. I need to request them to try on foundations or make up... horrible.

The MRP is Rs 745 for 110 gm. The mask is green in color and dries fast - a very important aspect while buying the mask. I apply a mask on a daily basis and like it to dry fast since I don't have hours in the morning... 15 mins is all I have.

I generally apply a thin layer since a thicker one takes time to dry. But the mask does nothing for my skin. It does not prevent acne or dry them or remove oiliness.

Thats a problem with Body Shop products... they look good... they feel good... they smell good but they don't improve the skin texture or quality.

It took me almost 6 months to finish but I am glad its over.

Will I re-purchase? No ways...


Maybelline Color Tattoo

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There is no point in waiting for months to review a new launch. Will anyone even want to read it? Along with blogging about products I use regularly I have decided to also write about the new products as soon as possible.

I have been reading about Maybelline Color Tattoos on so many blogs... when they arrived in India I picked them up asap. They are supposed to like Mac paint pots but affordable... oh so affordable. 4 gm for Rs 350 against Rs 1350 for 5 gm of Mac.

Left to right- top row- Edgy Emerald, Bad to Bronze, Pomegranate Punk

Bottom row- Painted Purple, Audacious Asphalt, Fierce and Tangy

The packaging is sturdy glass with a black cap. I don't mind using my fingers unlike a lot of bloggers. I don't think a brush will do the job that well. The eyeshadows are creamy and thick. Even though they don't seem so in pics, they are not very pigmented. I need to apply a few layers to get an effective color. This is good 'coz I can wear it for work ... or as a base. For a party, I can layer it on. They remain all day without creasing without primer. This is quite a feat 'coz I have oily skin and very oily eyelids. Blushes and eyeshadows fade off without a primer. I have applied it at 8 am and it has remained the same till atleast 7 pm... there was slight creasing at the end of the day... but very, very less.

Blending can be a problem if these 'coz they are thick and creamy. You may not be able to get the effect that powder shadows generally give. Its not a concern for me 'coz I never have the time to blend 2-3 shades and apply. I see women wearing such looks at parties only. I apply eyeshadow only my lids and blend it into the crease. Thats it... nothing else.

Left to right- Pomegranate Punk, Painted Purple, Edgy Emerald, Bad to Bronze, Audacious Asphalt, Fierce and Tangy

Top- Fierce and Tangy- I bought this shade for kicks... don't know where and when I will be able to apply it... it is orange in color

Bottom- Audacious Asphalt- I already have a Max Factor eyeshadow (it comes in the form of a tube) in this shade. It is a shimmery grey... more opaque and less shimmer. I love this one. I even wear it to work.

Top- Bad to Bronze- Bronze shade... a must have in any make up kit

Bottom- Edgy Emerald- I am not very fond of green liners or shadows... They don't do much for me... but they match well with green clothes. It is a pista color shade

Top- Painted Purple- I love eyeshadows in purple- they are so funky. I have a similar shade in mac paint pot and Inglot. You can never have too many purple eye shadows (or maybe you can???)

Pomegranate Punk- A very unique shade- mix of pink, shimmer and brown. I have not yet worn it but looking forward to trying it on

Painted Purple

Edgy Emerald

Bad to Bronze

Pomegranate Punk

Audacious Asphalt

Please pick atleast 1 or more shades of Maybelline Color Tattoo... they are dirt cheap and oh-so-awesome.



These are my recent purchases:

Left to right: Body shop strawberry mist, Body shop strawberry body lotion, L'Oreal Color Riche nail paint, Maybelline color tattoo eye shadows

Body Shop Strawberry body mist 100 ml for Rs 645

Body Shop Strawberry Puree Body Lotion 250 ml for Rs 515

L'Oreal Color Riche nail paints 5 ml for Rs 225- Left to right- Midnight Mistress, Caron Noisette, Purple Disturbia, BBeige Countess

Maybelline color tattoo 4 gm for Rs 350- Top row left to right- Fierce and Tangy, Bad to the Bronze, Painted Purple

Bottom row left to right- Pomegranate Punk, Audacious Asphalt, Edgy Emerald


Paint me.... white

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I love different colored nail paints (who doesn't?) When I was in college I would paint my nails blood red. Everyone found it too bold. This was 8-10 years back in A'bad where women don't follow latest trends. The fact that I am fair is a big advantage. I can carry most colors. And my nails are my assets... I get compliments for them. My fingers are long and so are the nails. I do not like to grow them long 'coz of hygienic reasons. In school I would have given everything to be able to grow them long but once I was out of school I realized what a hassle that it.

Here is one of my favorite nail paint color.... White. Yes, it looks bold. It is Inglot 038 priced at Rs 450-500 (don't remember the exact price). It is clear white... not cream not grey... completely white. It is a shade not many women sport (I haven't seen any unless in French Manicure).

The color is good... the nail paint is not. It goes on streaky on first coat and does not look good at all. A 2nd coat is needed to clean that out... and maybe a 3rd one if you can't apply nail paint too well. I generally apply 2 coats of any paint but love a shade which lets me get away with 1 coat. Its a long and tedious process... base coat, 2 coats of nail paint, top coat... whew!!!

Colorbar has the same shade and I think it applies better... even if it does not... its just a loss of Rs 150 against a Rs 450-500 with Inglot. Inglot has good paints but this one is not one of them.


L'Oreal Superliner

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I am slow in writing the reviews even though I have a huge collection of make up. I don't want to just randomly review products. Whichever product I write about is the one I have used in that and feel strongly about. Also, I have a clear judgement about it. After reading it, the person should know whether it is a good product or not.

I was quite happy when L'Oreal launched a superliner which is a felt tip pen like eyeliner. Lakme had launched one earlier. I thought the Lakme one was decent but it dried quite soon. I did not get enough use of it.

I read the review on one of the blogs before buying it. It was reviewed positively. Later, I realized that the PR probably sent this product to the blogger and so the review maybe biased.

The felt tip liner is a black pen with a long tip and a golden cap. It looks good. The long tip helps in creating a thin or thick line. It is part of the L'Oreal L'Or Electric Collection launched during Cannes. MRP is Rs 695.

There are 2 big problems with this liner:

1) It is quite sheer. I expected it to be very dark but it goes on sheer. I wait for it to dry (a few seconds) and then have to apply a 2nd coat... and a 3rd... and a 4th... and sometimes a 5th for the dark look of liner. I hate sheer liners

2) It is not waterproof. This has not been a major issue. It does stay on for 6 hours after which it may start fading off.

Below are swatches to show how sheer it is:

Left to right: 1 coat, 2 coats and 4-5 coats

My suggestion- Spend your money elsewhere.


Vichy Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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I have had dandruff problem since I was in school. When I started working, I used Head and Shoulders. The problem was that if I switched, the dandruff would come back. So, I had to keep using it. Then one fine day, it was stopped working. The dandruff would not go away completely and also when I switched back to it, it would take 1-2 weeks to have any effect.

Then I discovered Matrix Anti Dandruff shampoo. This worked better than H&S. But during the monsoons this year, I got some boils on my scalp. It itched and the dandruff was not gone completely. If I scratched my scalp, it was there. I was looking for something which would make it go away completely... no matter how hard I scratched my scalp I didn't want to come across the flakes.

My prayers were answered. I use a few products of Vichy and they work for me. I picked up Vichy Anti dandruff shampoo at Rs 1090 for 200 ml. It is for itchy, oily scalp. There are 2 kinds of dandruff- the dry, flaky kinds and the itchy, oily kinds. The shampoo is different for both of these.

It is yellow ochre in color and I need slightly more quantity (compared to other shampoo) for proper lather.

After shampoo, conditioner is a must. It makes the hair clean but not smooth. They feel a little rough. But then again, smoothness is not supposed to be part of its job description.

Overall, a great shampoo... the best for dandruff. Very pricey but if the other options in the market are not working, this can be tried.

I will definitely buy it again.



Hiya... I have been away and so no posts. My digital camera has conked off... beyond repair. One moment it was good and next moment gone. I will buy a new one this weekend. Currently, I am using my hubby's camcorder so please bear with me. The pics are a little hazy.

After work I was quite bored and decided to visit the SelectCity walk mall. Below is the Lush haul. I bought the Body Shop products few days back. 

Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak: I have been using a shampoo as foot soak and decided to try this. There are not many options in the market for foot soak.

I have been looking for a good eye cream to prevent the puffiness, remove dark circles and fine lines. I picked this up from TBS.

It is part of the Nutriganics collection

I actually went to Lush to buy the full jar of the shower jelly and came across this. Dreamwash Shower Smoothie. It has talc and makes the skin soft and smooth.

I like to experiment with masks and don't mind paying more for them. I picked up Cupcake which has a chocolate scent. It is for oily skin.

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