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I have wanted to buy temporary hair colours for so long now...
- L'Oreal Professional launched them few months back but they don't sell the bottles. You have to avail of the service in the salon...
- Body Shop launched the hair chalk but it is quite expensive at 1000 bucks
- I ordered temporary hair colour from asos usa website but they did not reach me

I was so happy to see B:Blunt's new range on sale on purplle.com. Along with shampoo, conditioner, serums, waxes they have launched washable hair colours.

I bought the hair colour in blue shade, the same one the stylist had applied on me. He wanted me to buy all 4 and I was tempted but finishing this itself will be a task.
The bottle is a spray can which contains 54 ml of colour for 300 bucks. How cheap is that!!! The stylist told me it can be used 15 times. Even if it lasts 10 times, that is 30 bucks per use. Damn cheap.

I didn't apply it at home but the stylist applied it for me at the salon. You just need to take a strand of hair, place at tissue at the bottom and spray. Easy peasy. Don't worry if you get colour on your hands, it is washable.
The stylist applied it on my hair at the bottom... so the colour can be covered up if I want to and it looks better as a peek a boo.
I had expected the colour not to show up on dark hair but it has shine and shimmer and looks bright blue.

This is what it looks like.

Applied on the lower layers of hair. 

Peek a boo

With flash 

Without flash.

The colour makes the hair rough where ever applied but they did not look frizzy. It can be washed off whenever you want. I shampooed it off today and my hair are back to normal. There was no excessive bleeding of colour. In fact, I went swimming with it today and the colour did not come off. I was wearing my swimming cap, of course but my hair get wet anyway in the water.

If I finish this bottle, am going to buy the other 3 colours- green, bronze and copper, for sure. 


B:Blunt Gurgaon

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I discovered few days back that B:Blunt has a salon on Gurgaon. Why didn't anyone tell me? Anyway, I didn't need a haircut because am trying to grow my hair beyond my shoulders for the first time in 31 years of my life. But I decided to try the salon anyway and get a trim. I am so tired of unruly looking hair. Every few months after a trim they become out of shape. Plus most salons do not know how to cut hair. Everytime I end up getting layers. Isn't there anything else?

B:Blunt is located in South Point Mall on Golf Course Road. I booked an appointment for hubby and me. He wanted a hair cut and I booked a junior stylist for him and a senior stylist for me. I was not happy with the d├ęcor of the salon. It looked cheap... as in not cheap crowd types... but non expensive. This is quite a shocker because salons like Looks and Geetanjali which have similar charges look so much more expensive and luxe. The stylists themselves looked quite ordinary... no wacky hair styles or any style per se. I got a bad feeling about this but the appointment was booked, I was already at the salon and my hubby's hair cut had started. No way to back out now.
The senior stylist Javed asked me what I wanted. This is rule no 1 before visiting any salon... always know what you want. I have learned this after many unfortunate incidents. The stylist is not a mind reader and you need to know what kind of hair cut you are looking for. I told him I wanted a trim to give some shape to my hair since am growing them out. After a shampoo and conditioner, he gave me a fabulous hair cut. I was impressed by his knowledge of hair- not just about hair type but the way hair falls... what kindof hair cut will make my face look less round etc etc. What he finally gave me was some layers at the bottom since my hair are wavy... he gave few layers to make the waves bigger... volume on the top since my hair at the top fall straight... and fringe/bangs to cover my forehead. I am super impressed with the fringe... nobody has cut them this way before and I have visited all the good salons- VLCC, Lakme, Looks, Geetanjali, Enrich, JCB etc.
We also discussed hair products and I was happy to note that am using the right products for my hair. A post is coming up on that soon.
And in the end he decided to apply temporary hair colour from the new range of B:Blunt.

This is what I got. How cool is the blue colour? Totally matches my tee. See how the fringe falls?

And this is what my hair looked like earlier... this is after using gel and serum.

I think B:Blunt is a great salon for hair services, wouldn't recommend it for anything else though because I just didn't find it luxurious enough. Also, need to mention that my hubby was not happy with his hair cut. He had given a free hand to the stylist asking him to do as he pleased... the stylist gave him the same hair cut he always has.
Book a senior stylist only. 

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