A Miracle

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I cannot believe I have to eat my own words and wisdom acquired in 2 years, within a few days.

Here is what I said:

There is no lipstick which stays on all day...
- A matte lipstick will always be drying... it can either be lasting or be moisturizing
- Eating and drinking will always make the lipstick fade

I just found a lipstick with
- Stays on all day
- A matte lipstick which stays on all day
- Eating and drinking does not make it fade

Yes... it exists.. and I did not know it.... until today.

Unveiling, Mac Ronnie Red Bright Red... from Archie's collection. 

I was not very impressed with the Archie's collection... MAC comes out with so many collections it is difficult for them to be innovative everytime. I wanted to purchase the Pearlmatte face powder but they have not yet reached the stores.
What I loved was the packaging and was determined to buy atleast 1 lipstick. Ronnie Red seemed to be the most appropriate. It is priced at Rs 1100.
I applied it for the first time today at work. Unlike most women I don't shy away from bold lips at work... it brightens up my day... makes me feel confident and I actually look forward to waking up each morning and going to work. 

The packaging has Veronica on it with small hearts. It is adorable.

It is a blue based red... the base is a pink. It looks red in some lights and bright pink in others. More swipes make it more red. The swatches (above and below) have only 1 swipe. It is super duper pigmented and completely matte. 

It does not dry the lips (not one bit) and I generally need to apply a lip balm every hour. It stays on and on and on. While drinking tea I expected the rim of cup to have a bright red stain (which can get embarrassing and look yuck). I barely saw any marks on the tea cup. I rushed to the washroom after my meeting and was pleasantly surprised to see the lipstick still there. There was slight fading in the centre after lunch but not enough for me to touch up.

It easily stays on for 6-7 hours after which it fades into a pink and leaves a stain.

I love it.
- Long lasting
- Matte
- Does not fade after eating or drinking
- Not drying... very comfortable to wear
- Cute packaging

- None

This is a collector's item.


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