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L'Oreal has launched a new collection for Cannes (like every year). In nails, it is range of shimmery nail paints and glitter top coats. I read a lot about the awesome glitter nail paints available abroad. In India, the choice is very less. Revlon has 2-3 and Chambor has just launched new ones.
I am still trying them on and so this is not a review.

This is a limited edition collection with 6 nail paints.

The ones on the top are shimmery nail paints while the bottom ones are top coats.

Left to right: A purple paint with golden shimmer, golden silver paint which looks more silver than golden.

Left to right: Copper (love this one... so unique), black with large copper glitter and small golden glitter, grey paint with silver glitter, black with large and small golden glitter.

MRP: Rs 235 each. Grab them NOW!!! 


Divine Soaps

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I am a big of Lush... even the store guy at Kurla store knows me well. He has a knowing smile on this face when I enter. I feel so guilty.
I have been trying out their soaps currently. I don't buy the same once twice... why should I when there are so many options to choose from?

Rockstar soap:
I am currently using this soap. It costs between Rs 300-400 for 100 gm and lasts about a month. Lush soaps generally do not last too long since they are very soft and melt easily.
It is bubblegum flavoured and for kids. Yep... I bought a kids soap. I love the smell... so bubblegummy.
It feels soft on the skin, glides easily and foams well.
The only problem is that the fragrance does not last beyond the bath. As a trial, the soap is wonderful but I will not re-purchase.
Honey I washed the kids soap:
This soap is meant for dry skin and I have normal skin (body... face is very oily) but I could not resist the smell of honey. Priced at Rs 380 for 100 gm, it is worth every penny. It feels soft on the skin... foams well... and the honey smell lingers after the bath.
I found the honeycomb at the end a little irritating but it can be removed. 
Generally, with soaps like these cleaning is not effective... meaning, you don't feel squeaky clean. Thankfully, that is not the problem with Lush soaps. They all make me "squeaky clean". 

This was the first soap I tried... I was attracted to the lemon scent. It is not as soft as the above soaps but does its job well. Priced at Rs 300, it is one of their cheapest soaps... and lasts longer than the others. 
Try it if you like lemon scent. It is a light yellow coloured soap with a lemon shaped design.

Yep... thats the name of the soap. It is a men's soap but I love it. This is my favourite (along with honey). It has a mint fragrance and feels cool on the skin. I swear... my skin felt cool and tingled (like when mint is applied). It is perfect for the summer. I don't remember the price and it is not available on Lush India website. MRP should be between Rs 300-400. The fragrance lasts after the bath also.
I will definitely re-purchase this one.

Most websites suggest that the soap should be chopped up into smaller pieces... they will last a longer time. I haven't tried it yet... but will do so next time.

Note- All pics taken from Lush websites. 


May Vellvette Box

I was disappointed with the April Vellvette box and did not post the details here. Everytime they send me a lipstick it is this odd colour. I love bright colours and here they were, sending me boring silver (who wears silver?)... shimmery pink ... etc.

I love May'13 box... it is my favourite.

This month's theme is "organic".
The products:
- Clinique foundation
- Flormar lipstick
- Brocato shampoo
-Brocato treatment

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Foundation
It has 4 sachets of the foundation which is awesome. I will be able to use it 4 times atleast. I have received shade 3 which should match well.
The foundation has SPF 15, fights sun damage and repairs it from within.
I am going to try this tomorrow itself.

Flormar lipstick:
This is a full size product priced at Rs 700. I am so happy with the colour. Finally... something bright. It is very moisturizing and glossy. It feels like butter... and is softer than the Revlon lip butter. I may need to store it in the fridge.

Brocato Shampoo and treatment:
The shampoo and treatment are priced at Rs 375 (sample size) each.
They are sulphates and parabens free.
I am looking forward to trying this tomorrow itself.

Also, I have received a coupon for 15% discount at Nature's Co and and a complimentary spa. I am going to redeem it over the weekend.


A Miracle

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I cannot believe I have to eat my own words and wisdom acquired in 2 years, within a few days.

Here is what I said:

There is no lipstick which stays on all day...
- A matte lipstick will always be drying... it can either be lasting or be moisturizing
- Eating and drinking will always make the lipstick fade

I just found a lipstick with
- Stays on all day
- A matte lipstick which stays on all day
- Eating and drinking does not make it fade

Yes... it exists.. and I did not know it.... until today.

Unveiling, Mac Ronnie Red Bright Red... from Archie's collection. 

I was not very impressed with the Archie's collection... MAC comes out with so many collections it is difficult for them to be innovative everytime. I wanted to purchase the Pearlmatte face powder but they have not yet reached the stores.
What I loved was the packaging and was determined to buy atleast 1 lipstick. Ronnie Red seemed to be the most appropriate. It is priced at Rs 1100.
I applied it for the first time today at work. Unlike most women I don't shy away from bold lips at work... it brightens up my day... makes me feel confident and I actually look forward to waking up each morning and going to work. 

The packaging has Veronica on it with small hearts. It is adorable.

It is a blue based red... the base is a pink. It looks red in some lights and bright pink in others. More swipes make it more red. The swatches (above and below) have only 1 swipe. It is super duper pigmented and completely matte. 

It does not dry the lips (not one bit) and I generally need to apply a lip balm every hour. It stays on and on and on. While drinking tea I expected the rim of cup to have a bright red stain (which can get embarrassing and look yuck). I barely saw any marks on the tea cup. I rushed to the washroom after my meeting and was pleasantly surprised to see the lipstick still there. There was slight fading in the centre after lunch but not enough for me to touch up.

It easily stays on for 6-7 hours after which it fades into a pink and leaves a stain.

I love it.
- Long lasting
- Matte
- Does not fade after eating or drinking
- Not drying... very comfortable to wear
- Cute packaging

- None

This is a collector's item.


Body Shop body mist

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Body Shop has launched some good products recently. I wish they would revamp their make up section too.
This is my second bottle of the body mist and I love it.

100 ml of body mist costs Rs 745. It lasts 2-3 months... maybe more. I have Satsuma fragrance which is a fruity smell - very organish. I love fruity fragrances. I apply it on my body after bath everyday. It lasts a few hours only. It is not so strong that someone passing you by will be able to smell it... but if someone is very close to you, they will know you have applied something.
The packaging is a glass bottle with a steel cap. While travelling, I put it in my make up pouch... no mishaps yet.
A good product.


Body Shop Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

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It is so difficult to find a summer body lotion... something which feels light, is absorbed immediately, does not feel sticky, moisturises and smells good.
I generally use Vaseline 'coz it lasts really long and is the lightest among mass brands. But, it feels thick for summer.
I have not liked the earlier Body Shop lotions.. 'coz they didn't last too long even if they felt light on the skin... and worked out to be quite expensive. Also, the fragrance never lasted

Few weeks back while passing the Body Shop store I tried their new range of body lotions (jasmine, rose, cherry blossom etc). I tested the Jasmine on my hand and the smell remained all day. I do not like Jasmine fragrance so it was quite irritating.

I decided to buy Cherry Blossom on my next visit. It costs Rs 795 for 250 ml. It comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle. The nozzle can be twisted to close... very travel friendly. I have travelled with it and there was not spillage.
The lotion feels light and gives a feeling of instant freshness... it feels cool on the skin. Perfect for summer. The fragrance lasts all day but is not very strong (atleast not Cherry Blossom).
A little product can be spread over a larger area... I am sure it will last throughout summer.

- Very light
- Long lasting fragrance
- Cools the skin
- Travel friendly packaging

- Pricey


Inglot lip pencil

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Before I review a lipstick, just want to note some points I have realized after using numerous lipsticks:
- There is no lipstick which stays on all day...
- A matte lipstick will always be drying... it can either be lasting or be moisturizing
- Eating and drinking will always make the lipstick fade
- Glossy, moisturizing lipsticks cannot be long lasting

I like Inglot as a brand... it is cheaper than Mac and has some great, innovative products. Their nail polish collection is unbeatable (but expensive at Rs 490).
I have been digging into my huge make up collection and wearing old products in a bid to re-discover them... and also to finish them off. They just don't seem to get over.

I wore this lipstick today. It is Inglot's lip pencil 34 shade. I bought it for Rs 680 (also got a discount of 15% since I have the loyalty card).

This is a dark pink and a little red shade. In simple words, it is a rani color. It looks dark pink in some lights and dark red with pink in others.

The lip pencil is matte. The other 3 pencils I have are very dry... but this is smoother... it glides on easily and stays on for hours. Eating and drinking makes the centre come off which looks absolutely weird. You have to keep touching up.

Since it is matte, it will show all the lines on the lips atleast in the photograph.

- Matte lipsticks
- Long lasting
- Value for money
- The pencil lasts forever
- Non drying
- Smooth application

- Comes off the centre of lips after eating/drinking making it look weird
- Fills into the lines so need to ensure lips are scrubbed and moisturized

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