Nivea skin conditioner

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When I saw a paper ad for this product I was really excited. How innovative!!! A moisturiser that can be used in the shower. After my shower my skin feels dry and craves for a moisturiser so I was happy to buy this.

Nivea Skin Conditioner. MRP Rs 250 for 250 ml

The product comes in a typical blue Nivea packaging. It is a thick white cream which spreads easily on the skin.
I apply it after my bath, leave it on for 2 minutes, then rinse it off and pat dry. Theoretically, this works. After all oil cannot be removed with water and moisturises the skin. The skin conditioner has almond oil and should work. Practically, it is a big miss. My skin does not feel dry after shower but it does not feel moisturised and I need to use a moisturiser again. I have normal skin on my body and this claims to be for dry skin. Dry skinned women should stay far away from this one. It might work for someone with an oily skin.

Just a waste of money. What do I do with it now? Maybe I will try using it like a regular moisturiser.


Kiehls Face Wash

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I had attended Kiehls instagram meet in Khan Market last month and a full size of this face wash was given as a gift.

Kiehls Clearly Correction White Purifying Foaming Cleanser. MRP Rs 1600 for 150 ml.

The product claims many, many things- removes impurities, brightens complexion, reduces dark spots and pigmentation and increases luminosity.

I think a face wash should do its one job well... to clean the face. Everything else can be done by a serum/moisturiser.
This product comes in a tube packaging. The big problem is that the hole is slightly bigger for how liquid this face wash is and so it tends to drip and fall when open. This leads to wastage and causes me a lot of heartburn (1600 ka face wash getting wasted).
The face wash is a cream white in colour. It smells funny but then all Kiehls products have a different/weird fragrance. I am used to it now.
A pea sized product is enough to clean the face well... it makes my face clean without making it feel oily. I have really like the face wash and don't want it to get over because am not going to buy it due to the high price. Face wash is one product I don't like to spend on because there are many good products in the low priced ones.



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Presenting this and last month's empties.

Forest Essentials rose petal lip balm. MRP Rs 495

I got this in my Envy Box 2 months back. Was really happy with the full size product. This lip balm is fabulous... it looks pink in the container but goes transparent on the lips. It literally melts onto the lips and moisturises them. I also tend to use this to moisturise my hands... it is that good.
But it is expensive... very and I won't purchase without some discount.

 Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye. MRP Rs 2100

I bought this when I needed something very good for my eyes... there are slight dark circles and lines around the eyes. I bought this very expensive product hoping it will change my eye area. What a disappointment!!! It has not done anything to my eyes... there is no improvement. I had stopped using this but then decided to atleast finish it off. When I met the Kiehls team last month I told them how disappointed I was with this eye cream. Their reply was that it only helps in puffiness and nothing else. Since my under eyes don't get puffy, I can't say if this helps.
I have decided not to spend so much money on eye products now. Still looking for that perfect eye cream. Any suggestions?

L'Oreal Youth Code Serum. MRP Rs 1450 for 30 ml

A male colleague had recommended this product to me. I don't use anti ageing products yet and so never picked it up earlier. This claims to repair skin and slow down ageing. Now, my skin is not ageing... as in it does not have wrinkles yet. Sure, the ageing has started... it takes longer for spots/marks to clear up. So I did expect this serum to benefit my skin in some way.
The serum comes in a glass bottle with a glass stopper. The packaging is very classy and leakage proof. The glass dropper controls how much serum is used. The serum is white in colour and gets absorbed immediately into the skin. It does not make the skin oily and I used it without a moisturiser on top but my skin is oily... so dry skinned women will need a moisturiser. 

Unfortunately, this did not do anything for my skin. It did not change my skin's appearance in anyway. What a waste!!! 

L'Oreal White Perfect Laser serum. MRP Rs 1299 for 30 ml

I was very excited when this was launched. It claims to reduce dark spots, whiten the skin like laser, brighten the skin, even out the skin and make it refined. 

The packaging is very classy... a blue plastic bottle with a pump to dispense product. It is leak proof and travel friendly. 
The serum is white in colour and gets absorbed in the skin immediately. I do use a moisturiser on top even though my skin is oily. 

When I used it for the first time I saw results within 1-2 weeks. The redness on my skin had reduced... it looks brighter and smoother. There was no effects on the pores though. One bottle lasts for around 2 months, maybe even more. When I was on my 2nd bottle, I realized that the improvement in my skin had stopped. It is like after 8 weeks, this product stops working. What a bummer!!! 
And so I had to stop using it. 
A nice product if using it for the 1st time. 


My favorite body wash

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I started using a body wash when I had to travel daily and carrying a soap was not convenient. I have been hooked since... sure, they are expensive but do not dry out the skin like soap and smell awesome.
Finally, I have found my favorite body washes. The best part is they come in sooooo many fragrances and I plan to try each one.

Here they are... body wash by Sephora. MRP is Rs 400 for 140 ml.

They are more expensive than Body Shop which costs Rs 425 for 250 ml. But Body Shop's fragrance does not last. They smell good only in the bottle... I cannot smell it on the skin. And for some reason, I tend to use more quantity in the bath. So, they don't even last long. Also, the pump pack means that the shower cream cannot be used fully... some of it gets left in the bottle and is out of reach.

I have already used chocolate, mango and vanilla and bought coconut and blueberry.

The product is very thin and very little quantity is needed to lather up making them last atleast a month or two. Plus, they smell awesome in the bath.
I am loving them!!!



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Hellos... am back after many, many days. Not because I had nothing to blog about... in fact, some of the empties have been lying around for months for their reviews. But before that, let me show you what I purchased today. Sephora has opened in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon... after months. I would wonder how much rent they were paying for a store which was not yet open. The 1st time I went to Sephora was because everyone was doing so... I did buy stuff but none of it was what I really wanted. These brands were on my wishlist:
- Make Up Forever
- Benefit
- Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo

Unfortunately, they were all so over priced that I gave up. Instead I have discovered new brands.
This is what I bought:

- Body Wash from Sephora- coconut and blueberry. MRP Rs 400 each
- Kama herbal hair wash powder. MRP Rs 425
- Kama vanilla and oatmeal soap. MRP Rs 395
- Nail paint from the face shop. MRP Rs 100 (not kidding)
Got the samples of Kama hair intensive treatment free. It is basically an oil.

And bought hand sanitise from The Body Shop for Rs 350. I love their hand sanitisers... they last long and smell good. This is my second bottle.

Kama is a new brand in Sephora. I am glad because I wanted to try it out. 


Happy feet and hands

I used to get manicure pedicure done at the salon once a month but the manicure never lasted more than a week. Then I started doing it once a week at home and now don't need to go to a salon for it. Money saved... atleast 1000 bucks per month saved. 

Below is the step by step instruction with product details. I chalk out an hour for this over the weekend. 

1) Fill a bucket with hot water... not too hot... enough to be able to dip your feet comfortably in it. I have bought a round, wide bucket specially for this. 

2) Add a foot soak. There such few options in India of this. I generally use Body Shop's Peppermint Reviving foot soak but am looking for cheaper options now. MRP of this is Rs 895. Add a few crystals of the soak in the water and dip the feet in it. And also the hands. 

 3) After 10-15 mins, use a nail cutter to cut nails on toes and fingers. Then I use the attachment below to remove all the dirt from the side of my nails. It is a very helpful tool and effectively removes dirt and dead skin. I use this for my fingernails also.

4) Use a pumice stone or foot scrub like below to remove dead skin from the feet. Scrub well specially on the sides of the feet.

5) Apply a foot scrub to the feet and hands. I use Body Shop's Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot scrub priced at Rs 595. It is quite good and a little quantity goes a long way. Scrub well. 

 6) Use the smoothing foot scrub like below to clean the feet and hands. I have the one from OVS and have also used from Oriflame. Any brand should be good. Wash the feet and hands after using this and wipe them with a clean cloth.

7) Use a cuticle remover. I don't have too many cuticles but this does help in cleaning the nails. I use it only on my fingernails and not on toes. Sally Hansen cuticle remover priced at Rs 650 (I think). This bottle should last a year if used once a week. A little goes a long way. 

Apply the gel on the sides of the nails and leave on for 15 seconds. Don't keep it for very long else it will dry off making it difficult to push back.

Use a cuticle pusher to push back the gel towards the nails. Cuticles are effectively removed. Cuticle stick from Colorbar (don't remember the price).

Shown below are pushed back cuticles. Wash the nails in soapy water and wipe with a clean cloth. I clean them off with the water with foot soak.

 8) Apply foot cream and massage feet. I am using Lush fair trade foot lotion which has peppermint and feels very relaxing. Priced at Rs 970 and should easily last a year.

Apply hand cream and massage. I am using Body Shop's Vanilla Bliss. It is limited edition priced at Rs 495. I think I bought it for 50% off. Love it. The fragrance is my favorite... it is thick enough to moisturise but gets absorbed easily.

9) Use a buffer to smoothen and give nails a shine. I use Colorbar's pack of 3 nail buffers priced at Rs 350. The colored side removes ridges and the white side gives my nails a shine.

10) And now the nails are ready for a paint. The base is Sally Hansen miracle cure. I don't think this does anything special and I am trying to finish it off.

And the nails are ready for the paint. I keep my nails short and use a filer only if required.

I use a darker, neutral colour for my feet so that it does need to be changed too often. I have applied Bourjois grey nail paint on my feet.

And a bright fuschia - OPI Dim Sum Plum on my fingernails.

And last... but not the least... Inglot drying drops. The cap is a dropper. 1 drop is enough for 1 nail. This is ok types... nothing great. I went to Inglot looking for a nice drying coat and the SA recommended this. Not too happy with it.

Its done... Leaving the 2nd toe blank is not a trend... the nails have broken off and I don't want to paint baby nails. That is the picture of my happy feet.
I will tell you a secret... I hate my feet specially the toes. They are so ugly. Sigh!!!

Those are happy fingernails...

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