L'Oreal Superliner

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I am slow in writing the reviews even though I have a huge collection of make up. I don't want to just randomly review products. Whichever product I write about is the one I have used in that and feel strongly about. Also, I have a clear judgement about it. After reading it, the person should know whether it is a good product or not.

I was quite happy when L'Oreal launched a superliner which is a felt tip pen like eyeliner. Lakme had launched one earlier. I thought the Lakme one was decent but it dried quite soon. I did not get enough use of it.

I read the review on one of the blogs before buying it. It was reviewed positively. Later, I realized that the PR probably sent this product to the blogger and so the review maybe biased.

The felt tip liner is a black pen with a long tip and a golden cap. It looks good. The long tip helps in creating a thin or thick line. It is part of the L'Oreal L'Or Electric Collection launched during Cannes. MRP is Rs 695.

There are 2 big problems with this liner:

1) It is quite sheer. I expected it to be very dark but it goes on sheer. I wait for it to dry (a few seconds) and then have to apply a 2nd coat... and a 3rd... and a 4th... and sometimes a 5th for the dark look of liner. I hate sheer liners

2) It is not waterproof. This has not been a major issue. It does stay on for 6 hours after which it may start fading off.

Below are swatches to show how sheer it is:

Left to right: 1 coat, 2 coats and 4-5 coats

My suggestion- Spend your money elsewhere.


Vichy Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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I have had dandruff problem since I was in school. When I started working, I used Head and Shoulders. The problem was that if I switched, the dandruff would come back. So, I had to keep using it. Then one fine day, it was stopped working. The dandruff would not go away completely and also when I switched back to it, it would take 1-2 weeks to have any effect.

Then I discovered Matrix Anti Dandruff shampoo. This worked better than H&S. But during the monsoons this year, I got some boils on my scalp. It itched and the dandruff was not gone completely. If I scratched my scalp, it was there. I was looking for something which would make it go away completely... no matter how hard I scratched my scalp I didn't want to come across the flakes.

My prayers were answered. I use a few products of Vichy and they work for me. I picked up Vichy Anti dandruff shampoo at Rs 1090 for 200 ml. It is for itchy, oily scalp. There are 2 kinds of dandruff- the dry, flaky kinds and the itchy, oily kinds. The shampoo is different for both of these.

It is yellow ochre in color and I need slightly more quantity (compared to other shampoo) for proper lather.

After shampoo, conditioner is a must. It makes the hair clean but not smooth. They feel a little rough. But then again, smoothness is not supposed to be part of its job description.

Overall, a great shampoo... the best for dandruff. Very pricey but if the other options in the market are not working, this can be tried.

I will definitely buy it again.



Hiya... I have been away and so no posts. My digital camera has conked off... beyond repair. One moment it was good and next moment gone. I will buy a new one this weekend. Currently, I am using my hubby's camcorder so please bear with me. The pics are a little hazy.

After work I was quite bored and decided to visit the SelectCity walk mall. Below is the Lush haul. I bought the Body Shop products few days back. 

Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak: I have been using a shampoo as foot soak and decided to try this. There are not many options in the market for foot soak.

I have been looking for a good eye cream to prevent the puffiness, remove dark circles and fine lines. I picked this up from TBS.

It is part of the Nutriganics collection

I actually went to Lush to buy the full jar of the shower jelly and came across this. Dreamwash Shower Smoothie. It has talc and makes the skin soft and smooth.

I like to experiment with masks and don't mind paying more for them. I picked up Cupcake which has a chocolate scent. It is for oily skin.


Lush- my first purchase

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So, I blogged about my first purchase from Lush here. I bought a shower jelly called 'Sweetie Pie' of flavour- Wild Cherry. 100 gm of the jelly cost me Rs 370. I have been using it for the last 10-11 days and 3/4th is still left. It should last me a month. If it does, I will buy the larger pack.

It looks like a jelly and feels like a jelly. So, usage is tricky. I tried applying it with my hand but that was kinda slow. Also, initially the jelly would fall on the floor and picking it up is impossible.

What I do it put the amount of 3 peas and put it into the loofah. I hold it into the loofah (else it may slip off) and then apply on my body. It lathers well... like Pears. I like a lot of lather and I can get more if I use more. But I am making do with an apt amount. It smells like cherries and is amazing. I love body washes with good smell. The problem with Body shop's shower gels are that they get over quite soon. They hardly last. With this jelly, I don't see too much of an issue.


  • Smells great

  • 100 gm should last a month


  • Lather is nominal

  • Using it is a little tricky

Will I re-purchase??? Yes!!!


Mac- I hate

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Bloggers in India (and not Indian bloggers) are in awe of Mac. I think its a decent brand... has more hits than misses... BUT it does have misses and the customer service sucks (more on that in some other post).

My general strategy is to go to Inglot, look for what I want, incase they do not have something I go to Mac. Nowadays, I only purchase from Mac when they have new launches. New launches is something that Inglot needs to do more often. But, Inglot is a better and cheaper brand.

Few months back I was looking for a maroon lipstick... the kind I have seen celebrities sport. They look very classy with an all black dress.

I could not find it in Inglot and headed to Mac. The BA pushed me to buy Sheen Supreme Good to be bad. I couldn't find it in the store recently so maybe it was limited edition or something.

It has a glossy black packaging, very different from the regular one. MRP: Rs 1400

Below are the pics:

It looks brown in the tube but is maroon in the swatch.

The top is uneven 'coz the lipstick hit the cap.

Maroon with a base of pink

It is extremely moisturizing and was melting during the summer in my drawer. It applies very unevenly. Thankfully, does not stain the teeth. Being so moisturizing, it barely lasts and does not look that great. Also, it needs to be applied with a lip brush. There is no way you can use the tube on your lips directly.

Hate... hate... hate... hate so much that I bought the same shade in pro longwear. When dark lipsticks apply unevenly it looks very bad and noticeable. A dark lipcolor needs to last long and look good.

Will never buy again.



I was in the mall yesterday and picked up a few things I NEED and one that I WANT. Know the difference?

Bottom to top: Body Tea Tree Pore Minimiser 30 ml MRP Rs 1245, Grapeseed glossing serum 75 ml MRP Rs 570, Mac Pro Longwear Heart Hangover MRP Rs 1400 (limited edition)

I have gigantic crater like pores and thats all I see when I look into the mirror. I had tried Body Shop's Seaweed Pore Minimiser but that did nothing. This Tea Tree thing is a new launch. I did not see it in the stores last week. I picked it up even though its expensive. Hope it works. It has to be applied after the moisturizer.

I generally use a L'Oreal serum but that is over. I have ordered it and should receive it this week. I wanted to buy a serum to control the frizz. So, I bought this one. Again, this is new and I have not seen it in their stores earlier.

I have wanted a maroon shade lipstick. It looks classy with all black dress. This is the most exploited color by Indian women. Anyone and everyone wears it no matter what their age, skin color or dress color. It has something to do with the maroon bindi sported by so many married women. Even my mum does not leave home without a maroon bindi. This shade has to be worn judiciously. I do have the same shade in Mac glossy but that SUCKs, big time. You will know why in my next post.


My Make up Collection

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I last arranged my make up drawer in May'12 when I shifted into the new flat. In the last few weeks it has become a mess and I needed to re-arrange it again. I have clicked pics and counted the products. Its a LOT. It should last me all of my life. But does that stop me from buying more??? Nope... every month I decide to stop spending money on any more make up and just finish what I have but that never happens. The expenditure has reduced in the last few months but I need to finish off what I have before buying anything new.

Here are the pics:

All of my make up is placed in a large drawer. I bought a plastic arranger from Shoppers' Stop and have arranged them into compartments.

Those are foundations, compact and primers. I have 17 foundations, 3 compacts/pressed powders and 11 primers (all kinds).

Those are blushed- 17 of them. For someone who does not use them on a daily basis, thats a lot of blushes.

Lipsticks and eye liners (gel and liquid). I have 65 lipsticks (should I aim for 100) and 32 eye liners (including pencils)

Concealers- 7 of them.

Eyeshadows- 42 of them.

34 lipglosses

9 mascaras and some eye pencils

The whole collection again...

And thats where I do my make up. The brown box has my jewellery. The box had mugs. I found it perfect to keep my earrings and stuff for daily wear. All the expensive and daily wear brushes are outside.

How do you organize your make up?


Mac Lip and Cheek Tint

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This is a review for the recently purchased Mac lip and cheek tint in the shade Casual Colour. I was basically looking for a cheek tint rather than a lip tint. I prefer Clinique's chubby sticks as tints. Anyway, I wanted a light colour, I do have bright blushes but cannot wear them on a daily basis.

I picked the 2nd lightest colour- the lightest one was quite sheer. This is a peachish shade and looks like a mild flush on the skin. 

Pic 1, 2: Of the packaging. I managed to get some dust particles onto it and had to clean it out.

Pic 3,4: Swatches. In pic 4, at the bottom it is blended and on the top it is un-blended. It gives a sheer effect with some peachish tones. It can be built up.

Pic 5: As a lip tint. If I was looking for a lip tint, I would have bought one of the pinkish lavender shades but I just wanted a cheek tint

I find using this tint very easy and blending it is quite simple. I am a novice at applying blush and tend to get too much on sometimes. This is avoided with the tint. Also, my skin is very oily. Most of the blushes melt off (powder, cream- you name it). This lasted from 8.30 am- 5 pm which is the longest ever. I have found my preferred blush.

Will I re-purchase: This shade? No. It is going to last a long, long time. I will probably buy other shades.

MRP: Rs 1300

Weight: 13 gm

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