Sephora Lip Stain

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On the last visit to Sephora I wanted to try something of the 'Sephora brand'. I decided to try a lip stain. I love lipsticks which come in a tube- e.g limited edition of MAC, NYX etc.

I purchased this for Rs 800. Don't know the quantity. It has a plastic packaging and an applicator.

The lip stain is red in colour... slightly darker than a blood red. I did not want to go to work today and decided to jazz up the day with this red lip stain. I wore for the first time. Yep... I have had it for 5-6 months.

I do not believe in subtle colours at work. You should wear what you want to... who said only dull and nude colours are apt for work? It was probably someone with no guts to wear funky colours.
I got a lot of compliments today... I kept the rest of the make up very simple... only mascara and foundation... the red colour was the only focus.

Now, the best part-
- It does not smudge at ALL... I applied it in the morning... and touched up after lunch. I generally never touch up but the lunch was a heavy one  and a touch up made it look better
- It looked just as fresh at the end of the day
- It goes on like a gloss and then becomes matte. I blotted it after applying to make it matte and look like a stain
- It does not moisturise and does not dry. My lips are very dry and I apply a lip balm every hour. I did not need the lip balm even once throughout the day. The 2nd non drying lipstick (after Ronnie Red)
- It does not bleed. To be safe, I applied a lip liner anyway.

Please ignore the oiliness on my face.... I have very oily skin and the light in office did not help in the pictures.

On my next visit to Sephora I will pick up a few more shades of this lip stain.
Very, very good. 


Burt's Bees Body Lotion

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I bought this on my last trip to Sephora. I wanted to try something of Burt's Bees and picked up a body lotion.
Priced at Rs 1100 for 175 ml, it is very, very, very pricey. But I had saved up money specially for this store.

What attracted me to it was- the word 'Radiance' and 'natural mica'. After all, all of us want radiant skin and since my skin is oily, mica will work very well.

Here is the bummer:
- It smells weird. I don't even know what it is... like a bad talc
- The lotion makes my skin 'radiant'- literally. It has shimmer in it. The 1st time I applied it I thought I got something on me from somewhere. The next day I realized it cannot be a coincidence. There were gold shimmer all over my hands which were very obvious in the sun.
- It does not moisturise. My skin is oily and needs a very light body lotion... but, this one does not moisturise at ALL.

The weird part is the description on product mentions- 98.2% natural royal jelly, sunflower oil, vitamins etc.

Such a waste of money.


Scrub them away

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I have been using body scrubs these days. I use them once a week (on the weekend... no time on weekdays).

Here are all the body scrubs I have tried till date:

- Soap and Glory Body Buff: On my last visit to Sephora (almost 5-6 months back), I had kept some money aside just to shop at Sephora. I have read so much about Soap and Glory products and decided to try out something. This was the first scrub I used. It is priced less than Rs 500 (don't remember the exact price) for 50 ml. It is a plastic packaging... the packaging is quite famous 'coz of the funky writing on it. Personally, I didn't care much about it.
Apparently it has Babassu Oil (never heard of it) and sea salt.

The scrub is light pink in colour with darker beads for exfoliation. It has a strong perfumey smell... it smells like one of those bad, cheap perfumes. I don't like the artificial smell but like the fact that it lasts after a bath.

The beads exfoliate well. They are neither too harsh nor too mild.

Will I re-purchase? No... I do not like the artificial smell.

- Lush Sugar Scrub

I bought this sometime back from the Lush store. It is green in colour with a strong spice smell... Fennel or Cinnamon. A very interesting smell. It is dome shaped and very hard.

Picture- Taken from Lush website since I have used up my scrub.

I made the mistake of storing this on a soap dish in the bathroom. On first use, I found the scrub very harsh. It hurt. I didn't want to use it again but the storage in the humid bathroom loosened up the scrub and it got easier to use. Thats when I really started liking it... the spicy smell, the scrub was harsh enough to remove the dead cells and not hurt. It does not lather and yet cleans. After scrubbing, my skin felt smooth and moisturised.
Will I re-purchase? Yes... why not?

- Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish: A couple of times I wondered if I should buy this scrub and then decided against it. I generally had a scrub at home that I was using. Once Lush scrub was over, I came across a positive review on a blog and went and purchased it.

Priced at Rs 599 for 250 ml, it is pricey... I just checked some reviews online and the price has increased from Rs 445 to Rs 599 in 3 years. Ouch!!!
It comes in a plastic tube. Regular Body Shop packaging. It is quite big and I will not carry it while travelling.

The scrub is red in colour with kiwi seeds and smaller red exfoliating beads. The blacks beads in below picture are kiwi seeds. It lathers a lot and exfoliation is very, very mild... so mild that I wonder if any dead cells are removed. It is very mild and feels almost like a body wash... gentle enough to use everyday.
The best and only good part is the smell... it smells very strongly of strawberry and I love it.

Overall, it is a good product for those who like mild exfoliation... I think a scrub should work like a scrub and this one does not. It will make a good body wash instead.
Will I re-purchase? Nope... 


June Vellvette Bag

I got my Vellvette box today... or should I call it bag?
This is my favourite box. Absolute favourite. The products fit me to a 'T'.

The products are packed in a fuchsia pink pouch. I love the funky pouch and will be carrying my daily make up in it.

Unveiling the products:
- LA Splash eye liner. It is black with small blue glitter
- Toni and Guy curl smoothing shampoo: I have permed my hair recently and this product is much appreciated for my curly hair
- Just Herbs Acne treatment kit: There is a face wash and 2 different face packs. My skin is going through major trauma due to the rains and I face a new pimple everyday... mostly, in the most obvious places.

Love this one. 


Vellvette Box Offer

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I received below coupon with my Vellvette Box last month. I had forgotten all about it until they sent me a reminder mail that it will expire on 31st August.

I could walk into any Natures Co store and buy a product for 15% discount and get a spa free. It was the lure of the spa that dragged me in.

Last weekend I walked into the store at R City Mall, Ghatkopar. Finding a product was difficult. I have enough and more and do not want to buy more till I have finished it off. What I really needed was a face wash and picked up Peppermint face wash for Rs 325 (Rs 275 after 15% off).
I wanted to pick up 1 or 2 more products but then decided against it. I am using this face wash currently.
It is an ok product... the reason I bought it was the peppermint smell. Weirdly, it smells like spirit now... Spirit is the product used to disinfect the area before giving an injection in hospitals. Thats the only reason I will not re-purchase it.

(Pic taken from web).

Coming to the spa, I had decided to get a foot spa since I got a facial clean up the same day. I could choose between facial spa, foot spa or head massage. There is a small space in the store covered by a curtain where customers can get a spa. But, here is the catch. Anyone can walk into the store and get the spa. They do not need to purchase anything. I got to know AFTER buying the face wash. What a bummer!!! I got conned into buying something. Humph!!!


Nail Art

I have been trying out nail art recently and decided to post the pics:

Used- Inglot white nail paint (hate how streaky it is), Colorbar crackle nail paint. This does not look too good but I wanted a twist on the usual crackle.


Used- Inglot pastel pink, Revlon glitter nail paint. I loved this one. Instead of painting the whole nail with glitter I have only used it on the top half. This reminds me of a fairy.

Used- Maybelline Colorama, Inglot nail art black pen. Polka dots are the easiest to create. I love the base- mint Maybelline nail paint... I just painted the dots with Inglot nail art pen.

Used- Maybelline express finish for base, L'Oreal color riche Le Vernis orange paint for dots. I saw orange on orange on one of the blogs and decided to try it out. The base is a shimmery, light orange nail paint. The dots have been painted on with a tooth pick. Compared to a nail art pen, the dots are large. I like them. Using tooth picks is so much cheaper and there is no constraint of nail paint used.



I was at My My store in A'bad yesterday and ended up buying some products (apart from Lingerie).

Left to Right:
  • Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion body Lotion: MRP Rs 680 for 250 ml. It is pricey but I have used it earlier. It was part of my Vellvette box in Oct'12. Link here. I loved the body lotion then and decided to buy it.
  • Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion body mist: What I liked about the lotion was that the fragrance lasted so long... that is what made me buy the body mist. Rs 620 for 250 ml.
  • Olay Regenerist eye lifting serum: I have been on the lookout for a good eye care product. I hate the lines and darkness under my eyes. Hope this works. Rs 899
  • TRESemme curl hydration shampoo: I have been looking for a shampoo for curly/permed hair. Kerastase is too expensive and I cannot afford to buy it since I prefer to wash my hair everyday. I picked up this product. MRP is Rs 1400 for 946 ml. This is not available in India. It is through the grey market. I wish I had picked up the conditioner too. 

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