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Beauty boxes are a rage in the USA and UK. It is a very unique concept and hats off to the person who came up with it. Consumers pay a small amount for a beauty box every month. Basis their preferences and skin/make up routine (filled in a questionnaire), a box with sample sizes (and sometimes full sizes) of premium brands are sent to them. They can try them out and purchase them as and when they like.

What is the benefit to the consumer?

- Access to premium and new brands available in the market right at home

- They can try the products before buying a full size one

- Extremely cheap

What is the benefit to the companies who give their products at nominal price?

- They can get consumers to try their products... this is important for expensive brands. Brands like Guerlain, Clarins, Keihls etc are generous with giving consumers samples to try at home. After all, a person will not spend 2-3k on skin creams/make up till they are absolutely sure

- Creates word of mouth. Most beauty bloggers subscribe to these boxes and blog about them. They try products, review them on their blogs. These reviews encourage other readers to buy the products

It does not lead to jump in sales immediately but over a period of time.

In India, the Blissdiscovered box was supposed to start last year but got cancelled 'coz they could not get companies to give sample. Thankfully, Vellvette box has succeeded. This is my 3rd or 4th box and I have already paid for the Feb'13 box. Jan'13 box is my absolute favorite... 'coz it has premium brands- Dior and Benefit. Nyassa is a new to me but I love body scrubs.



The box contains:

- Dior Capture Totale One Essential Super Skin Boosting Serum- 5 ml

30 ml of this costs anywhere between Rs 7835 to Rs 9000. The reviews online claim its a miracle product and improves skin texture and reduces lines in 2 months. The effects are supposed to be visible in 1 usage. 5 ml will cost around 1k. No, I did not pay that much for the box.

- Nyassa Belgian chocolate scrub- 40 gm

200 gm of this costs Rs 950 so the price of sample is Rs 190. This is a new brand for me... I have never heard of it. Another advantage of the box... I get to try new brands which  would otherwise not be available to me. I used the scrub today. It has been to be used on wet skin on body. The granules dissolve in the water and moisturize the skin. The smell is of chocolate. Its a good product and I will be able to use it 2-3 times more.

- Benefit Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Make up- trial size vials of 2 shades

I am so happy to receive Benefit. I have read so much about the brand but the products too expensive. If only there was a Sephora in Mumbai where I could try out the brand. The great part is that there are 2 shades of foundation- very light and light. The light one matches me perfectly. I used the foundation today and liked it... may even purchase it in the next few months. Its on my radar now.


Btw, the box costs Rs 399 and a coupon for Rs 50 discount is given with online payment. You have to pay in the beginning of the month, fill out a questionnaire and the box comes by the end of the month.

Here is the link: http://www.vellvette.com/

I am not getting paid for the review (though I will be happy if I am)... You can also buy products from the website.


My favorite product

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I am going to review a product I love... it isn't something I need but want.... its a common feature on this blog. If I start buying only what I need, my dressing table will be 3/4th empty.

I am falling in love with Lush products. They do have their misses but they are worth a try and they smell awesome.

I came across their massage bars.... its basically a soap style moisturizing oil. You have to rub it on your body and it melts turning into oil. The oil is absorbed in a few minutes. It is awesome for dry skin and being winters even oily skinned people can use it. I have a slightly oily body skin (face is very, very oily) and I love using it at night.

I bought the Soft Coeur (The Honeymooner) for Rs 550 for 100 gm (not sure about the weight).

Below pics have been taken after I used up 50% of it. I have been using it for more than 2 weeks and it will last for another 2-4 weeks.


The massage bar is made of honey and cocoa and smells like that. I love the smell.



I love smelling of honey before sleeping. It gets absorbed after a few mins (until then it feels oily) and does not stain the bedsheet or anything else.

I love it.


L'Oreal Youth Code Luminize Serum

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After a successful Youth Code range for ageing skin, L'Oreal launched this serum. It claims to make skin luminous- give it a glow.


Below is the company claim:
"Not radiating your usual fresh, youthful glow?

What if you had the 'code' to unify irregular skin tone

and re-awaken a more even luminous looking complexion?

Irregular pigmentation beneath the skin's surface can reduce skin's luminosity."

30 ml of the product costs Rs 1499 which is expensive. The packaging is nice and sleek- silver bottle with pump... very hygienic. The only problem is I don't know how much of the product is left. I have been using this for a month every morning and night before my moisturizer/night cream. The serum is light and white in color. It is non sticky and gets absorbed immediately without feeling sticky. There is a shimmer to the product.

Unfortunately, I have not found any major difference in my skin. I don't think it has become more glowing or there has been a reduction in my redness.

I will continue using it till it gets over but I am not impressed.


Body Shop eye cream

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My eyes have slight dark circles and small lines. The area does not look healthy even on a normal, stress free day. I decided to trythe  Body Shop eye cream.


The MRP is Rs 1090 for 15 ml. The packaging is very good and hygienic- a pump bottle. The product inside is non sticky, cream in color.


I have been using it for 2 months now... morning and night and do not see any difference. There is no reduction in lines or dark circles. I am just waiting for it to get over so that I can buy a better eye cream.

It did not work for me.

In the past year I have realized that Body Shop products look and smell good but they do not improve the skin quality. I am not going to try any more skin products.


Haul and Review- Dove Elixir Hair Oil

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Hi. I am back after a loooooonnnnngggg break.

I have been noticing the big hoardings and banners everywhere for Dove hair oil. I wanted to see and buy the product. I wasn't sure about the price and looked for it in the hypermarket. It was nowhere to be seen. I had to ask the promoter to help me find it. Why will a company have visibility outside the store but not at the point of sale? The purchase happens inside the store. This is what the box looks like.


And this is what the bottle looks like. I fell in love. At Rs 185, it did not seem pricey. The hair oil comes in a glass bottle with pump. The best part are the hibiscus petals in the oil. Yep... real petals inside the bottle. How cool is that?100_0244


The hair oil has Argan oil and hibiscus. It is non oily/ non sticky. It can be used in 2 ways- apply 30 mins before washing your hair or apply it after washing your hair.

I tried is both ways.

When applied before washing the hair, it makes the hair shiny like regular hair oil without making it sticky. It smells divine- rose with some fruity fragrance. I love the fragrance. While washing I need to use the shampoo only twice to remove it completely. With regular hair oil I have to shampoo 3-4 times. I don't know what kind of benefit it gives... I usually oil my hair once a week to make them less rough.

When applied after washing it makes the hair soft and silky. I love the smell. But, it makes the hair weighed down. I get the oily feeling... like I have applied something. It does not feel as light as a serum. By the end of the day my hair become oily.

I have decided to apply it overnight.

Will I re-purchase? Maybe... after I finish off with Parachute hair oil, Ultra Doux hair oil, Lancome Elixir... but it is not a requirement... it is more of a fad... a want. I don't NEED this product. It does not fulfill any latent need.

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