Casual Friday

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I decided to wear my new shirt from Sarojini. It would be easier to carry off on a Friday... I don't know how to style it for formal wear. 
I wanted to keep it really simple and make the neon of the shirt the focus. Everything else is black and simple.
Instead of wearing it as a normal shirt, I opened the lower button and tied the ends. 

Shirt- Sarojini nagar
Jeans- Zara
Brogues- Catwalk

My waist looks very wide here because I am wearing thermals underneath since it was quite chilly and raining. 
The neon looks so.... beautiful... hard to miss. 

A closer look at the elephant print.

 These are one of the my favourite shoes... comfy, stylish and can be worn with anything- skirts, dresses, pants. Catwalk is a good brand and their footwear is decent quality. The only negative are their outdated styles. A pair I bought 3 years back got lost while shifting... I bought another pair a year later... and then had to discard them 8 months back... they are still available in stores.


Sarojini Nagar Haul

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I had the day off and KC didn't, so the entire day was mine to do anything at leisure. It has been 6 months in Gurgaon and I had not visited Sarojini Nagar... so thats where I went.
I reached around 11 am before it started getting crowded. Also, at this time shopkeepers are desperate for 'boni' or 1st sale of the day and bargaining is easier.

There is a stall which sells only tee shirts... they don't have too many colour options... mainly white and black but the quality is awesome. I went there specially to stock up on tees. It cost me 300 bucks each but the quality is as good as any mall brand... even better.

This is a crop top.

How cute are these prints... elephant and bicycle and the neon colours... for 200 bucks each. 

French connection tees for 200 bucks each... the vendor refused to bargain...

And my favourite... light jackets... can even be worn in summer... 200 bucks each.

A crochet jacket for 200 bucks. I don't own anything of crochet and so bought this... but it will be a little tricky to style this. It could end up looking tacky.

 Here are some tips on shopping at SR:

  • Timing is very important. Markets like SR are generally very crowded. Avoid them on weekends as much as possible. If weekday shopping is not an option, go in the morning... around 11 or 12. 
  • Carry a large bag... specially if you are travelling by metro. The small stalls only give white polythene which can tear easily. Or you can buy a big, ugly bag for less than 100 bucks. I would suggest carrying a bag. 
  • SR does have parking but I think metro is extremely comfortable. It costs 20-30 bucks by auto from the station. Also, traffic to INA is killing. Last time it took us 2 hours by car. Metro is the best option
  • SR is a confusing place... even marking landmarks don't help. The vendor for the French Connection tees refused to bargain and I went looking for an ATM. Guess what, I forgot the way... thought the vendor was at the end of the market and went round and round looking for it... it was actually in the centre and I crossed it 4 times. 
  • Avoid footwear and purses. Even footwear bought from the shops have not lasted very long and I paid 700 bucks for a pair. Not all of them are bad... but I am not happy. The purses' quality also isn't good. My last purchase broke the 1st time I used it. Stick to clothes. 
  • SR is basically a market with factory seconds or rejects. Most companies like Zara, H&M, Atmosphere, Mango etc manufacture in India. The rejects (mostly with minor defects) are sold off (illegally). They end up in SR. Check before you purchase. I have not come across major defects and the quality is pretty good. Minor issues can be resolved at the local tailor. Some of my purchases have been better than mall stuff. Even Zara and Mango sales have factory seconds... how is SR any worse?
  • Size can be an issue. The first time I went to SR I bought shorts with size 32. On coming home I realized they are low waist and 34 would have been better. Thankfully, I lost inches and they fit very well now. But... always buy a size larger. You can get it altered easily. Don't believe the vendors... they are just trying to sell off their stuff and will not hesitate to tell you that it is the right size. Another thing vendors do is stretch the top or dress or pants (if they have elastic) and make you buy a smaller size. You don't want the elastic stretching itself and biting into your flesh. 
  • Bargain... I am always a little shy initially. Always start at 50% of the price quoted by a vendor. Don't budge from your rate... the vendor will come around... 9 out of 10 times. Not kidding. I got everything at the rate I quoted
  • In case a vendor does not come around, bargaining won't help. You cannot have an ego while shopping. I generally walk away and if he does not call me back I return after sometime to buy it at the vendor's price. 
  • Carry enough cash. There are only 2 ATMs in SR and there is always a queue. I keep around 2k in my wallet 'coz I am generally tempted to use all the money. 
  • Wash the clothes at home. They are generally hung outside and have mud and dirt on them
  • SR generally has trends... most stalls will have a similar trend. They don't all have same clothes (like Lokhandwala in Mumbai). Example, last time it was pallazzo pants... they were everywhere. This time it was animal, funky prints. 
And this is my haul from Forever21. 
- Red pants... really cool
- Satin tops in blue and sea green... yep, bought same style in different colours
- Round, neon earrings
- Necklaces... trying to sport the new trend of wearing necklace with everything. Still not confident enough to wear large pieces... so have bought smaller pieces. 


White on white

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I have wanted to try out an all white look for the longest time. White looks elegant but somehow very few people don all white. All black is common enough... but not all white. I wonder why. I am very careful while wearing whites since I tend to stain them... clumsy, you see.
I woke up today determined to try it out.

Skirt, cardigan- Zara
Top- Vero moda
Fishnet stockings- gifted
Slingbacks- Charles and Keith

These stockings are so sexy. The weather is not too cold and wearing something like this is possible.

I love the lipstick. I bought it from Sephora for 900 bucks. It is a true red and lasts all day. Applying it is a little tricky because if it is not perfect, it shows. The finish is matte but non drying. It comes off a little from the middle after a heavy meal but I just apply a little lip balm to spread it out.


Snake skin

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I wanted to buy a snake skin print pants for the longest time ... but at discounted rates. During the recent sale in Jan'14 I grabbed a perfect pair from Promod. I love Promod sales... the quality is damn good and so are the styles. I have never purchased anything at regular rates and splurge only during sales.

Shirt, pants- Promod
Footwear- Enroute bought from myntra
Necklace- flea market

Love these pumps... they are so stylish... snake skin print and open from the sides. Love Enroute quality. 

A closer look at the snake skin print


My new gel liner

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Recently, I have been using pencil liners more frequently and the gel liner usage has reduced. Pencil liners are more convenient to use... they don't need a brush and can be carried along for touch ups.
But gel liners give a different look and they are my favorite liners.
I have used below gel liners:
- Mac- blue, purple, green and brown
- Bobbi Brown- grey
- L'Oreal- black
- Maybelline- black

After the Maybelline gel dried up (pretty soon) I bought the L'Oreal liner but it also dried up recently and I needed a new one urgently. On visiting New U, none of the brands (Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal) had a tester. The SAs were showing me the tester for brown liner and that is just weird. Why will I test brown when I want to buy black? And no... black is not black... black also has shades. How else would the brands make money by advertising 'blackest of black'?
Anyway, yesterday I tried out the new Maybelline gel liner and purchased. It is a new formula and a better packaging. I have worked a bit in make up and know that better claims do not mean a new formula. Most times the formula/product remains the same but better claims can be made.
My one big problem with liners is oily eyelids. I have oily skin and the lids are very oily. Everything smudges on my right lid.

Earlier, the liner came in a tub with a steel lid which looked cheap. The lid had dents within a few months so I am glad with the new packaging. The tub is sleek with the black cap. The brush which is free with it is the same. I still use the old brush so... am glad it is the same.
MRP Rs 450.

The product is black and creamy... creamier than Mac. I like the texture. It feels very smooth.

Below are the swatches. When I applied it... it was slightly sheer. It did not apply completely opaque in 1 swipe on the eyes. I had to apply 2-3 swipes to get the completely dark, black look. 
In below swatches it looks completely opaque though. 

Instead of clicking pictures of the liner freshly applied I have clicked them at the end of the day. This is after 7 hours of wear which included... shopping at mall ... and 1 hour of sweaty dance class. It has smudged slightly on my right eye... below and above but on the left eye it is intact. I am pretty happy with the wear time. I don't wear liner while exercising/dancing but if it can survive the sweaty class... it will survive on my oily lids during summer for atleast 8 hours.
The brands claims 36 hr wear but I am not going to test it out... for obvious reasons. 

Overall, I am happy with the liner. It is a new formula and new packaging. I will definitely buy it again. It is as good as Mac... wish it had more shades, though.


My 1st envy box

After reading many reviews I subscribed for the 'Envy Box'. It is the same concept as Vellvette/Fabbag but at Rs 850 and the brands are more premium.

I received it in 2 days... awesome.

The products came in a nice box with a magnetic lid.

This is what I received:
- Givenchy Dahlia Noir perfume 1 ml (full size- Rs 4745 for 50 ml)
- Givenchy Gentlemen only perfume 1 ml (full size- Rs 4110 for 50 ml)
- Forest Essentials rose petal lip balm 5 gm (Rs 595)
- Thalgo collagen cream 2 bottles of 2 ml each (full size Rs 2400 for 50 ml)
- Rene Furterer shampoo 15 ml (full size- Rs 1320 for 150 ml)
- Eminence Organics chocolate mousse mask (full size- Rs 4393 for 60 ml)

Overall, I really like it... luxury brands... good sample sizes... well packed... a premium look and feel (which fab bag has clearly lost).
I am going to subscribe it every month.


Its raining cats...

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I have wore this outfit many, many times... and I like it ... a lot. It is comfy... and fun.

What I am wearing...
Shirt- Sarojini Nagar
Jeans- Allen Solly. Bought it from fashionandyou.com for 1000 bucks
Blue wedges- Sarojini Nagar
I wanted to wear another pair of footwear but I had a bit of walking around to do and the blue wedges are quite comfy.

Funky cat print on the shirt... too cute. 

Make up breakdown:
- Mac primer (just trying to finish it off)
- L'Oreal true match concealer
- Clinique tinted moisturiser (love)
- Mac gel liner topped with L'Oreal mineral liner in blue (trying to finish it off)
- L'Oreal telescopic mascara
- L'Oreal pomegranate pink chubby stick on lips
- Inglot matte loose powder


Pleated skirt...

I love pleated skirts... they are so easy to carry off... no matter what your body type, you can wear it. It also effectively hides a paunch, if any. 
This is what I wore to work today... instead of pairing either a brown, red or blue top (to match the skirt) I went with white and wore a blue blazer instead. 

Skirt- Promod (sale)
Blazer- Forever21
Shirt- Allen Solly (bought it from fashionandyou.com)... awesome quality

I wore my knee length stockings since it is cold and brown pumps.

Stockings- Pierre Cardin (I think!!!)... bought them from fashionandyou.com
Brown pumps- Charles and Keith... fit is off and there is something weird about the heel. In fact, the tip of the heel had come off within 2 weeks of purchasing them. I had created a ruckus at the store and even called the Brand Manager on a Saturday and screamed at him.

I bought a tripod from flipkart today and the pictures will improve as I keep learning.

Oh... and I also paired a blue liner with the outfit. How cool is that!!!



I hauled some stuff from the Body Shop website. All this was at 50% off. Guess what, it wasn't on discount on the website.

Ginger sparkle hand wash- Love the range of Ginger Sparkle. It should be part of the permanent collection. MRP Rs 695.

Peppermint foot soak- This is part of my weekly/fortnightly regime. I went to the store looking for this expecting it to be at 50% off. It wasn't. So glad I found it on the website. MRP Rs 950.

Passion Fruit Body butter- I hauled this for the balance winter. Smells amazing. MRP Rs 1095.

I ordered on Sunday and received it today. Fast delivery... just wish they didn't have delivery charges of Rs 200.


My favourite new launches

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I hauled the new launches from L'Oreal and Maybelline recently.

 L'Oreal shine caresse lipstick and Maybelline lip polish gloss.

I bought the L'Oreal shine caresse listick in Juliette from nykaa.com. I love these lipstick/glosses. They need a little effort in the beginning but the texture is amazing.
This is a lip stain and not a lipstick/gloss. The colour depends on the colour of your lips... a lighter colour may not show up on pigmented lips. A darker colour may show up differently on different coloured lips.

Juliette is a red coloured stain. I need to apply 2-3 times for it to apply evenly. It stays on all day and looks glossy throughout. Unlike other stains it does not become matte... I really like that. It comes off a little on eating a heavy meal and needs to be re-touched.
Overall, I love the lip stains and have already purchased more shades. Priced at Rs 499 they are quite cheap (considering it is L'Oreal).

Another product I really love is Maybelline lip polish. This shade is glam 6 and priced at Rs Rs 450. It is a dark berry colour in the tube but comes on berry pink on the lips.

The gloss stays on for 4-5 hours... and leaves a pink stain. I love it. I am planning to purchase another 2-3 shades. 


On my nails

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I picked up this unique nail paint from the Delhi airport for Rs 450 by Sally Hansen. It has a nice texture and I love it. 

 Last month's Vellvette bag had LA Splash nail paint applied below:


Lush Foot Lotion

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I went to Select Citywalk last month. I was looking forward to visiting the Lush store. Guess what? The store has closed down. I had to google a lot to find any article about this. Apparently, it is exiting India and the store which are open are not receiving new stock. WTF!!! Why? I will miss it so much. It maybe pricey but it was absolute heaven. And why don't blogger write about these things? 

Anyway, I picked up this product in Mumbai few months back. It is priced at Rs 970 for 245 gm. Pricey but can easily last 1 year. 
The product comes in a black tub and is easy to access. I have not travelled with it so don't know if it spills.

It is light pink in colour and smells of peppermint. Love the smell... and the colour. It is very light... but moisturising. As soon as I apply it on my feet there is cooling sensation. It feels like water in texture but moisturises my feet and stays on all night. I apply it at night after washing my feet.

Will I re-purchase? Yes... very much. 

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