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I was looking for discounts on massages on groupon and came across Vanity Cube. Instead of buying a coupon for a random massage place which could turn out to be shady I was attracted to the idea of someone coming home and giving the massage.

Vanity Cube is a doorstep professional salon in Gurgaon. Basically, they come home and give you salon services.
I had booked a Swedish massage, foot reflexology though the coupon and a hair spa and threading. I called them and booked an appointment, was confirmed that someone would come on time and one day earlier was asked to mail the groupon coupon. No hassles at all. On Saturday at 10.45 am the salon lady was promptly at my door. It warmed the cockles of my heart to see the punctuality; being a punctual freak myself.

She set up everything in the next 15 mins- covering on the bed to prevent it from getting dirty, towels, pot pourri, the oil. It was a very relaxing 1 hour and the massage was done well. I am not fond of rough massages and the pressure was perfect.
This was followed by hair spa where L'Oreal Professional products were used. I have the same products at home and do it at home once in a while but the lady spent a lot of time massaging my hair and giving me steam.
The payment was by cash but I think they are working on getting additional options like online payment.
The only issue was when she started asking personal questions like "Do you have kids?" "No? Why? What's your age?" "How much do you earn?" and she did not take a hint when I tried to ignore her.

But all in all, judging them only by the services they provide it is a good salon. I would never get facial done here because I prefer VLCC for my skin issues and Vanity Cube uses mid range products only. But for everything else- massage/threading/manicure pedicure/hair colour etc I would definitely prefer it over going to the salon myself.

I find going to a salon very, very boring and hate it when I arrive 15 mins earlier but the service starts 15-30 mins late. And I hate spending 1-2 hours in a salon, it is so boring.
Atleast with Vanity Cube I am at home... and can watch movies/TV/read a book during the service.

I have already booked another coupon on groupon for this weekend.

Edited to add: I shared this review with Vanity Cube and they called me to clarify a few things:
- They train their salon people and will ensure nobody asks personal questions in the future
- They do have many brands for facials- Cheryls, VLCC, Lotus etc. My suggestion would be to inquire before booking. 

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