March Vellvette Box

I have taken Saturday off and will not be in office from Wednesday to Sunday. I was hoping that the Vellvette box would arrive before then 'coz I didn't want to wait till April'13 for it.

And it arrived. Anyone who has subscribed for 3/6/12 months gets an extra product. I subscribed to 3 months.. wanted to go for 6 months but forgot.



It contains:

- Clinique face wash

- Nyassa dry fruit soap

- NYX lip gloss

- Bonus products: Ofra acne treatment mask

Meji amino collagen

Meji amino collagen. Priced at Rs 1000 (approx), it has 7 sachets (one for each day of the week). They have to be added to any food/beverage and taken everyday. It will build collagen which help skin rejuvenate and glow. I will try it this week. If it works, I will review it. I checked reviews online and apparently it works... it is a huge deal in Japan... also, it was featured on Oprah. But it tastes yuck.



Nyassa vanilla dry fruit soap: Full size priced at Rs 400. It smells amazing. Will try it today.


Clinique foaming cleanser: Full size priced at Rs 1200. It is creamy.. a little goes a long way. It also removes make up. Last night I applied make up and removed it with this face wash... all of it was washed off conveniently. Excellent.


NYX lip gloss: I think it is a full sized pack. It is candy pink... it looks a little gaudy in the bottle (even for me) but it looks good when applied. I am happy to receive a make up product.


Ofra acne treatment mask: Another product from Ofra... last time it was a toner. All toners feel the same to me. Now, a mask can definitely be reviewed. I tried it on last night... it is very, very thick and smells of Vicks vaporub. Hate the smell. It feels heavy on my skin. A thumbs down.

100_0334 100_0335

On ok box, overall.... Someone received a Lush product. Why don't I get Lush ever??? When I met the Vellvette box team my suggestion was that the brands should be the same for everyone... the products can change. Someone else received a Mary Kay foundation.

I like the NXY gloss and Clinique face wash.


Make up for the week

So, I have picked the make up that will be used this entire week.... Instead of mixing brands, I have picked everything from MAC.





Products that will be used:

- Mac prep and prime primer

- Mac prep and prime lip primer

- Studio fix foundation

- Black and grey liner

- Brown gel liner

- Lipsticks- a brown nude, pink nude, orange, pink

- Mascara

- Concealer

- Colorbar eye lash curler (cropped out)

- Oriflame eye brow pencil


The Body Shop Eye make up remover

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After the fiasco with Colobar, I needed a remover for my eyes. I came across the new eye make up remover at Body Shop.

250 ml is priced at Rs 695... much cheaper than Colorbar. It is a white bottle which is very travel friendly. The fluid - colorless and watery, non sticky did not leak out at all while travelling.

It is camomile gentle eye make up remover- all in one lash and lid cleansing, conditioning and softening.


It does not burn my eyes- but the warning on the bottle asks you to wash if it gets into eyes.

It removes mascara and liner very easily. It does not feel oily or leave an oily residue behind. It also feels soothing to the eyes.

The only downside is that there maybe traces of kajal/liner left in lower lash. It takes too many swipes to remove most of them.

But overall, the product feels safe on the eyes. You have to be careful not to let it touch the eye balls... or enter inside. It burns a little when that happens.

Will I re-purchase? Yes.


Colorbar Make Up Remover

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I like Colorbar. I don't mind trying new products from them. Just last year it was a small brand and now they have boutiques in all major cities and malls.

They recently launched new make up removers for different skin types.


90 ml is priced at Rs 699. It is quite pricey. I bought the one for oily and combination skin. The packaging is plastic white. It is a little transparent with blue fluid inside. It has tea tree oil (I hate the smell of tea tree). The fluid is not sticky at all unlike other make up removers. That was the reason I bought it. I hate the oil that make up removers leave behind.

At first sight, it looks like a good product except... it burns the eyes. I cannot use it on my eyes... I faced the same issue with Inglot make up remover... while there is no such problem with Maybelline and L'Oreal make up removers.

I use it on my face only to just finish it off. I did visit the boutique again and write down the complaint.

Will I re-purchase? No.


Upcoming Posts

Posted by Buls on 12:24 AM
Upcoming Reviews

- The Body Shop Camomile gentle eye make up remover

- Colorbar makeup remover for oily and combination skin

- Vaseline cocoa body lotion

- Sephora body wash

I am little tired of drawers full of make up. I am on a mission to finish them off. Not 'coz I want to buy more... but 'coz I want to buy only "good" stuff... or quality stuff... I know enough about brands and can make wiser decisions now. But more than that, I just want some of it to get over... there is too much.

This is the plan- I will pick a few products every week and use them for the entire week (foundation, compact, concealer, lipstick - 2 to 3 shades, mascara, eye liner). At the end of the week I will review it. This will help me use all the products I have... instead of using the same ones all the time. I will also be able to write more reviews.


Colorbar Turquoise nail paint

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I applied this color yesterday... after a long, long time and loving it. My routine for nail paint is Sally Hansen's base coat, nail paint, nail art on thumb and Sally Hansen quick dry top coat.


The shade is rightly named turquoise. It is a different blue and I really love it. It applies sheer in 1st coat and the 2nd coat makes it opaque. The nail paint is also quick drying (not mentioned on the bottle). I love colorbar nail paints. They are the best quality.



Price is Rs 150 (if I am not wrong) for 9 ml.


Revlon Lip Bitten stain+lip balm

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I own a Clinique chubby stick but they are quite expensive. When I heard Revlon has launched something similar for a lower price I rushed to the nearest Health and Glow to buy them.

I bought a mix of shades- 1 light and 2 dark. The chubby sticks/lip stains look best in darker shades rather than lighter. My Clinique chubby stick is a melon shade. I should have purchased a darker one.


Top to bottom- Rendezvous, Crush, Lovesick.

I love wanted different shades- I love orange... pink is obvious... a maroon is my preferred shade these days (am I getting old?)


Top to bottom- The orange is melon.. quite light. The 2nd one- pinkish maroon (and not reddish maroon) is very dark... the 3rd is a bright bubblegum pink.

They are all priced at Rs 600. They are not moisturizing but do not dry lips. They are soft and glide on easily. The packaging is same as Clinique- retractable pencil. It has a minty flavor and fragrance which is very different from a normal lipstick/gloss. I like it.

They are not sticky and feel light on the lips. There is a nice minty feeling on the lips.

Don't mind the lip pics. I do not have any make up and did not make the effort to clean my oily skin.


Wearing- Rendezvous. It is a light orange which does not show too well since I have pink lips.


Wearing Crush. It is a dark pink. The darker shades leave a stain on the lips. So, even if they wear off the color remains. I like that.


Wearing Lovesick. Looks nice, doesn't it? It is a fuchsia pink.

Will I re-purchase? No... only 'coz I have already bought all the shades I would have wanted. Love them.

Edited to add:

I wore Bubblegum all day today and the color lasts all day. It does come off when eating but thats expected with all lipsticks. It keeps the lips moisturized and even when I use a lip balm it does not come off.

My colleagues told me how fresh I look with this color. Love it.


Estee Lauder Kajal

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I spotted the Kajal of Estee Lauder in some store in Delhi or Mumbai (don't remember which one). I approached the SA at Select Citywalk Mall and inquired about the product. They were extremely rude and refused to show it to me. Not kidding. On prodding further (I hate rude store staff. I am in a job with requires regular interaction with retail chains and SAs and this kind of behavior is not acceptable). They looked at me like I am mad and that no such product exists. On asking again, they said they are not "allowed" to sell it. I am not making this up.

I went to the store in Palladium Mall, Mumbai and bought it. I loved the color. It is a beautiful green. Green does not look very good on my eyes and I generally avoid it. But this is a unique green... teal.



It is described as "Creamy crayon packs intense, smoldering color impact in one single stroke. For added drama, apply on lower inner  rim of eye. Sharpener included. Ophthalmologist- tested. Fragrance free."

It costs 1400 bucks for 2.4 gm. When I paid and was given the Kajal, I realized how small it is. I assumed the tester was a used one and the original product will be double the height. It is quite expensive considering the size.


The best part is the color. When I wore it for the first time in office, everyone wanted to know which brand/product this is.


It stays on all day. Unfortunately, it smudges. And thats why I do not like it. If it is a Kajal, it should not smudge. After 2-3 hours, the smudges. It cannot be applied on the top lid due to this reason. When applied on the lower inner rim the smudging does not look all that bad.


I gently smudged it and it came off.

Will I re-purchase? No. It is also available in black. Except for the color, there is nothing good about it.


BB Cream

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So, its a rage even in India right now. And I have many of them. Traditionally, BB creams were invented as treatment for acne scars/surgery. They basically treat skin as well as give coverage.

Indian BB creams only give coverage and some other benefits but they do not treat skin issues or repair skin over time. They are mostly tinted moisturizers. Thats why I have included Clinique tinted moisturizer also.

Left to Right- Face It BB cream, Maybelline BB stick, Maybelline BB cream, Garnier BB cream, Clinique tinted moisturizer.


Swatches- Right to left- Face It BB cream, BB Stick, Maybelline BB cream, Garnier BB cream, Clinique moisturizer.

The clinique moisturizer is slightly darker for my skin tone while all the others are much lighter. Thats one major issue with BB creams- the shades don't match and are very, very light for Indian skin tones.


Face It BB cream- I bought this from Sephora for around 1300 bucks (don't remember the exact price) when it first opened. It is quite pricey but I wanted to try it out. It is described as- with 70% moisture content, including deep sea water, a light application provides a sense of coolness and freshness the moment it touches the skin.

It has a lot of moisture content and is hydrating. It has a very light texture and spreads easily. The color is very light but since coverage is not high it doesn't matter. It mattifies the face for a few hours. I like it but will not re-purchase.

Maybelline BB stick- This is a recent launch by Maybelline. It is BB cream in a stick form. The price is Rs 250 for 10 gm. It is available in only 2 shades- Radiance and Fawn. The first is very light and the latter very dark. There needs to be an in-between. It has SPF as well as PA+++. It can easily replace a suncreen.

Since the shade is light I blend it well. It blends into the skin. The texture becomes powdery from cream on application. It mattifies skin and there is no need for compact. Unfortunately, it does not last more than 2-3 hours. I will use it only when I have to go out for 2-3 hours.

Overall, a good product and one I will surely re-purchase.



Maybelline BB cream- This is the first BB cream launched in India. It comes in 3 shades- all of them extremely light. It is priced at Rs 199 for 18 ml. The texture is slightly thicker than Face It BB cream. It is creamy and slightly difficult to blend. It does not moisturize. It does mattify and give the skin a slight glow but for a short time only. I use it as a make up base. Coverage is also low.

It is my least favorite product out of all of these.


Garnier BB cream- This is a recent launch. It is priced at Rs 99 for 18 gm. It is creamier and thicker than Maybelline BB cream and more moisturizing. I wear it as a make up base since it provides sun protection. Since coverage is low the lighter shade does not impact much.

Will I re-purchase? Yes... I find it easier to blend and wear it when going grocery shopping or something. It can replace sun screen as well.


Clinique tinted moisturizer- I read online that this product has the highest coverage among all the others. I bought it from strawberrynet.com (it is available at Clinique stores) months back. I love it. The coverage is awesome... the best. It is not foundation and yet gives good coverage. It cannot be used as a moisturizer.  The price is Rs 1600 for 30 ml but the product has lasted me almost a year. I use it atleast 3-4 times in a month.

Will I re-purchase? Yes... it is pricey but I think the coverage is awesome. There are times when I don't want to apply foundation or a BB cream... I need something in between. This product is perfect for those days.


I have not been posting about make up... 'coz I am lazy. I need to take swatches and ensure the correct shade shows up in pics. I will try and make the effort to review more make up products.

Upcoming posts

- Estee Lauder Kajal

- Revlon lip stain+Balm


Body Shop Glossing Serum

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100_0303 100_0304

I bought this serum few months back and have been using it since.

It is priced at Rs 570 for 75 ml. It is described as- moisturizing, smoothing serum with grapeseed oil. Dull/Frizzy Hair.

My hair ends are frizzy and I picked this up from the store. It has lasted me 3-4 months which is a long time. The first time I applied it I shared the pic with a few school acquaintances who I hadn't met in a few years. They all commented on how shiny my hair looked. This serum does give a shine to the hair but it does not control the frizz. My hair are as frizzy as ever. I have been waiting to finish this so I can use something else.

Thumbs down.

Will I re-purchase? No.


Skin care session by Clarins

I had an awesome time today. I received a mail yesterday from Vellvette.com for a skin care session at Clarins at Palladium Mall, Lower Parel. LP is quite a distance away from where I stay. But the idea of free goodies and products from Clarins and Vellvette made me eager to attend. I just had to pay refundable Rs 500.

I reached the store at 4.30 pm and realized there are 4 other women. There are 4 batches of 5 women each on Sat and Sun. There were 3 people for Vellvette and 2 from Clarins apart from the SAs. I was used as a model. The trainer did the whole session on my face while the other 4 women did on themselves. There were SAs to help them and show them the correct method.

Before starting we filled out a questionnaire about our skin type and then a SA did my skin analysis. My skin is dehydrated. Weird, right? I cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday and yet my skin is dehydrated. Reason? I do not scrub every week and am not regular with my sun block

- It started with cleaning make up. Everyday I use the make up remover on my eyes and end up rubbing them. The trainer showed us the correct method to use the remover on eyes. Put the remover on the cotton pad, keep it on the eyes for 10 seconds. Wipe the top of the eyes gently inward to outward and then bottom of the eyes.

- Next was cleaning with appropriate cleanser

- Scrubbing. A non granular clay scrub was used. It has to be rubbed off after drying instead of washing off. I will definitely buy it once I finish the scrubs I already have. I did not know that you should always clean the face before using the scrub.

- A face mask was applied which can be part of the weekly routine. It was very hydrating and smooth and brought a glow to my face.

- An eye mask was applied. I purchased this one.

- Toning. Did you know that a cotton is not required to use a toner? I did not know that. Instead, you can take a few drops on your hand... rub them (all products must be rubbed in the palms to bring them to room temperature) and then dab it on the face. Btw, alcoholic toners are not good for the skin. I have preferred alcoholic toners till now. Time to change? Maybe.

- Clarins new (and expensive) launch- Double serum was applied. This is supposed to be all in one product. But priced at Rs 4900.

- Final step was a moisturizer and sun block. The sun block is the lightest I have ever applied

All of us had a glow on our faces like we just got a facial done. Awesome!!!

We bought 1 product each at 10% discount. Apparently, Clarins never offers discounts. We were given gift bags from Clarins and Vellvette.

After the session we had bagel sandwiches and chocolate tarts at Moshe's and interacted with the team of Vellvette- Harleen, Kaushik and Rima. There are awesome... I was so J... 'coz their job is so exciting. I would love to do something like this. I am going to attend future workshops as well.

The goodies



The Vellvette goodies


A perfumed candle




A perfume- Tous H2O- Smells good


Nail Art- so cool


Clarins Goodies


Cleanser, Moisturizer, Beauty Balm


Miracle Product

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I apply nail paints quite frequently. I hate chipped nails. But painting nails and giving them time to dry is a boring process. I hate sitting still for 30 mins ensuring the nail paint does not get ruined. Also, I mostly apply nail paint at night... the nail paint generally gets slightly ruined on my toe nails since I cover myself with a sheet when I sleep. Weird thing is that even after a nail paint is dry there is a chance of it getting ruined.

I do not like any of the Indian top coats... they just add shine. A year back my sis sent me Seche Vite top coat from USA. Initially, I used it as a base coat and a top coat. Big mistake... the nail paint would come off just like a papad (don't know a better word to describe it),

Then I started using it only as a top coat and it has become my miracle product... something I cannot live without. It dries instantly... and completely. It is extremely thick... unlike normal top coats.

I checked online and it retails for around 9.95$.

My biggest fear is... what will I do when it gets over. I should start scouting around websites to see where I can purchase it online.


Go 360 Clean

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I got to know about this product while reading some reviews online. The reviews raved about it. I picked it up as soon as it was launched in India. There are 4 variants, I bought the anti breakout facial cleanser salicylic acid acne treatment. ... sounded perfect for my oily skin which breaks out easily.

MRP for 178 ml is Rs 399. It has easily lasted me 3 months... but I used it only in the morning during my bath. I have a separate cleaner for night (crazy, I know... this cleanser is kept in the bathroom while the night cleanser at the wash basin).  What is different about it from regular anti acne cleansers?


It comes with this cute brush/scrub. It helps in scrubbing the face clean... it is quite soft and does not hurt my sensitive skin. But it should not be used when you have acne.

The face wash is liquid and colorless. It foams well and does its job effectively.


Will I re-purchase? Yes... of course.


Kiehls Toner

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This is the first product I have used from this brand. My Vichy toner was over and I decided to try Kiehls. I know there are women who prefer alcohol free toners but I only use toner with alcohol since it is the alcohol which closes the pores.

Kiehls ultra facial oil free toner is alcohol free. The MRP for 250 ml is Rs 1390. It comes in a blue plastic bottle with a flip cap. I like the packaging. It is very different from other brands. It feels almost clinical.


The first time I traveled with it the flip cap was not closed properly and 1/4th spilled out... causing me a lot of heartburn.

It feels calming on the skin. It lasted me for 2-3 months. I think its a good toner for those who have sensitive skin and prefer non alcoholic toners.

I have gone back to Vichy Normaderm toner.

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