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Many times while wearing a dress I would wish for something to smoothen out the bulges. Of course the best way is to lose the bulge but that takes time. What do you do in the meantime? And how do those extremely curvy women like Kardashian have flat tummies?
So, I tried to find out online and the answer was shapewear. Basically, these garments are worn under the clothes (may or may not replace lingerie) and they smoothen out different parts of the body- waist, hips, thighs, tummy etc.
Unfortunately, I could not find any reviews for shapewear in India. I just found 1 post which was also a sponsored one. Finally, I had to experiment for myself and thats why am writing this post. I don't want another Indian woman to face such issues.
I bought shapewear from 3 brands- Marks and Spencers, Triumph and Hanes.
Rules to buy shapewear:
- Buy 1 size larger. I wear UK 10 and bought UK 12
- It should fit properly and not roll down or up
- It does not reduce your size. Example, if you wear UK 10, it will not make you look UK 6 or 8. It just smoothens out the bulges
- Buy in nude colour preferably so that it can be worn under anything
- A good brand product will be comfortable enough to wear even in summers
- You cannot wear it while sleeping (I read this question online)
- You should wear it only for short periods of time. I have worn it to office for 8 hours and it is mostly comfortable
- If washing in a machine, do not spin or use dryer. They will become loose.

And here they are:

1) Tummy control panty by Marks and Spencers:

Shapewear at M&S costs Rs 2400 and above. It has a whole section on shapewear. You should check it out. Out of all 4, this is my favorite.
- It holds your tummy in
- Does help in smoothening out thighs though
- Very comfortable and can be worn all day
- The top band rolls down slightly as the hours pass but it is not noticeable
- The material is thin and satiny making it very comfy
- Can be worn under everything- pants or dresses
- Reaches upto the high waist. I don't like shapewear which ends in the middle of the waist. I think it will push your bulge higher

 2) Tummy and thigh shaper by Triumph

This costs around 2k and is available in Lifestyle. Not available in Shoppers Stop.
- It starts from the high waist and reaches above the knee
- Cannot be worn with minis, short dresses or shorts
- Can be worn with pants
- Material is thick and satiny
- Comfortable enough to wear in summers
- Top band does not roll down which is a big plus
- This is my 2nd favourite of the lot

3) Tummy, hips and thigh shaper by M&S

Costs above Rs 2400 and available only in M&S stores
- I loved this when I bought it initially. In fact, this was my 1st purchase but after a few washes its true colours are visible
- The skirt rolls up and so it cannot be worn as a slip. For a sheer dress/skirt I need to wear a slip over this making it very uncomfortable. 3 layers of under clothes is a bit much
- The top band has started rolling down making it uncomfortable
- Comfortable enough to wear in summers
- I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. In fact, after this experience I won't be purchasing from M&S shapewear. They cost a bomb and the quality changes after a few washes

4) Full body from Hanes

MRP Rs 600/700 on flipkart.com. It came with a hole in it but I saw it much later and could not return it. flipkart.com really sucks these days. Their 3rd party vendors send any crap across.
- The material is thick and cheap. But considering the price that is expected
- It shapes the body moderately
- The biggest problem is it is so uncomfortable. If you have to pee, the entire thing needs to come off. I don't think this is a brand problem I just bought the wrong product
- Can be uncomfortable in summers since material is thick

If you ask me, Triumph comes out tops. It is affordable with good quality.

Want to see the difference shapewear can make?

On the left : I am not wearing shapewear and you can make out the uneven shape
On the right: Wearing Triumph shapewear and my tummy looks flat.

Which is real? Both are.



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I went to Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj for some work today and came across MAC's new collection. Below is my haul:

Top to bottom:
- NYX lipstick in Fig. Bought it from Sephora for Rs 360. Online everyone has been raving about these and I decided to try them out
- Inglot lip brush. MRP Rs 1000. I like Inglot brushes. They are cheaper than MAC and good quality
- MAC lipstick Up the Amp. MRP Rs 1100 from Playland collection
- MAC lipstick Candy Yum Yum. MRP Rs 1100 from Playland collection
- MAC long wear waterproof brow set. MRP Rs 1300. This is part of a new collection. The collection has gel liner for the brows, brow sets and mascara.

The brow set has to be applied over the brows (of course) with a mascara type wand. I am using a NARS brow pencil gifted by my sister right now and previously was using Oriflame's super cheap brow pencil. Have decided to try something new.

It is brown in color and has a mascara wand. Can I use it as a mascara too???

Left to right: MAC candy yum yum, MAC Up the Amp, NYX in fig.

Candy Yum Yum is a neon pink. I had to stand and recollect for 10 mins if I have this shade but then decided that I don't. It is a very neon pink and instantly brightened up my face. It is matte and has a crayon like consistency.

Up the Amp is a berry colour. I do not have this shade and decided to buy it.

NYX fig. An everyday colour... nudish... coral... for daily wear.

Swatches: Top to bottom : NYX fig, Up the Amp, Candy yum yum


Mac's new collection

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MAC has launched a new collection this week. This is the mailer I received from the company few days back. Generally, the mailer comes in a week earlier and so I had expected the collection to be launched in stores next week. MAC launches new products on a Thursday and everytime I go on a Monday to check them out, they are already stocked out... or all the products are not launched in stores. Which is quite a bummer. Makes me think they launch like 5 pcs of each product.

Here it is... it has:
- bright lipsticks in matte and glossy
- cream blushes in pop colours
- liners in super pop colours like blue, orange, pink. I loved these but didn't want to spend on something I will wear rarely
- lipglosses
- eye pigments

Do check it out.


Casual on a Sunday afternoon

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I bought blue linen shorts from asos.com. I had been eyeing them for a long time and when asos sent me a 10% off coupon for my b'day (yippie!!!) I finally bought it. The fit is kind of off and I didn't know what to wear it with.
White? Black? And then I decided to pair it with blue shirt from forever21. 
The shorts needed a belt to look presentable and I have only the pink one which is slightly broad. So, I had to wear pink flats from Rockport. I bought these flats online from flipkart/myntra/jabong/fashionandyou.com at a discount... don't remember which. They are sort of uncomfortable which is surprising considering Rockport is a very expensive brand. 


What I wore today

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This is what I wore today. A new pairing with a red skirt. 

Tulip shaped skirt from Koovs. This was my 1st purchase from koovs.com and I am very impressed with the clothes and delivery timeline. They even have models walking on the runway wearing the clothes making it easier to assess them. The website is built just like asos. 

The tie shirt is an old purchase from forever21. I like the store for such purchases... things that can be layered and worn with everything. I wear this shirt with low cut dresses to cover up. Very handy.

Footwear is from Charles and Keith. Honestly, I don't like their footwear... they are so uncomfortable. The heels make a lot of noise. I bought the footwear when I was alone and killing time at the mall in Mumbai. 



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I just finished my Lakme Youth Infinity serum and went to Dabur New U looking for a new serum. The Lakme one did not benefit at all.

I have not tried many Olay products... just the under eye cream (did not do anything for me) and the day cream when it was newly launched. Hope this serum fares better. MRP Rs 749 for 50 ml.

And then I picked by the Neutrogena sunscreen which I apply while swimming and its about to run out. But then decided to try the L'Oreal one. MRP Rs 475 for 30 ml.


The Face Shop

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I saw this nail paint here and checked it out at Sephora. Sephora has opened a new store in Gurgaon and am loving it. They stock a brand called 'The Face Shop'. I bought the first BB cream from this brand.
Anyway, I picked up a sky blue colour nail paint for Rs 100. 
They have 2 other pastel shades in this. 

The paint goes on opaque in 1 coat and dries very fast. The second coat makes it completely opaque and takes a little more time to dry.


Maybelline glitter mania

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This is another purchase of the Maybelline glitter mania range. The shade is Matinee Mauve. It is a glittery purple shade with silver glitter and looks very awesome. 
MRP Rs 125. 

The glitters are slightly difficult to remove but they are easier than L'Oreal glitter nail paints. That is because the glitter in this is not chunky but very fine.


Denim Dash

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I picked up Maybelline colorshow Denim Dash nail paint from nykaa.com. I loved the swatches online... the colour actually looks denim. A blue I do not have... did not think it was possible.

Below is the true colour. Priced at Rs 75, the nail paint needs 1 coat but I have applied 2 coats to make it completely opaque.
It dries immediately which is a big advantage. There is light blue shimmer in the nail paint which makes this shade very unique. Also, it dries matte... and not glossy.

A wonderful colour. 


June MyEnvyBox

I did not order a myenvybox in May because I was disappointed with the April one. I wondered if it was worth the money. After reading the reviews of the May box I was glad I didn't order one. It had a full size of H2O hand and nail cream.
But this month myenvybox announced a make up product in their box. Interesting!!! I hoped it wasn't one of those crappy lip glosses/lipsticks that were sent in fab bag. No self respecting women would wear those.

And here is this month's myenvybox.
It is a purple coloured box this month.

And has the following goodies:
- Kronokare body lotion 
- Skin yoga foot scrub
- Thalgo exfoliator
- La Tentation De Nina by Nina Ricci perfume
- Innisfree nail paint 

Skin Yoga coconut sea salt Foot scrub:
MRP Rs 495 for 150 gm. 50 gm of sample in the box.
I liked the coffee body scrub by Skin Yoga in the previous envy box and am still using it. This scrub has coconut flakes (literally) and coconut oil.
Looking forward to trying this one.

Kronokare body lotion.
Rs 345 for 220 ml. Sample size in box 35 ml.
Kronokare is an Indian brand with stores in Mumbai and Delhi. This body lotion has extracts of lavender and thyme and is SLS/paraben free.
New brand to try out. I am liking their website. The good part is they have sample sizes for purchase so you can try and then buy.

Thalgo exfoliator:
MRP Rs 1770 for 50 ml. Sample size has 5 ml.
Thalgo is back... it is part of every envy box.
Nothing to much to say about this.

La Tentaion De Nina:
Perfume sample by Nina Ricci. MRP Rs 4800 for full size.
This is a new launch by Nina Ricci. I really like Nina Ricci perfumes because they smell fruity and sweet. I really like such perfumes.
Very, very happy with this one.

Innisfree nail paint:
Full size MRP Rs 300
And here is the beauty/make up product. A nail paint by Innisfree. When I visited their store in Khan Market, I really wanted to pick up a nail paint but didn't. So happy to receive a full size in this box. The nail paint is not bad... it is a little thick. I really like this shade... it is a light grey. Perfect!!!

All in all, I am happy with this month's myenvybox. 


Maybelline glitter mania

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I bought this nail paint from nykaa.com as soon as it was launched. Have applied it today. 
This shade is rightly called starry nights. It is a black nail paint with silver shimmer and priced at Rs 125. 

The shimmer is a little gritty... I can feel the glitter when I touch my nails. The glitter is not like the ones in L'Oreal nail paints where the glitter is bigger and so does not go on even.

This is what it looks like with flash. The paint needs 2 coats... 1 coat is sheer and with 2 coats it becomes completely opaque.

Without flash.

Loving it. 


It is all about the footwear

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I have pyjama style pants in black from Zara and wore it the other day... a way of wearing pyjamas to office in this dreadful heat.
My hubby: Are you wearing those to work?
Me: Yep... don't worry, I will make them work

The right footwear is what takes the outfit from casual to formal. Footwear is so important to get right.

Top, pants, footwear : Zara

I paired the pants with a fitted Zara animal print top.

A closer look at the pants.

I paired it with platform heels for a formal look. 



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I bought a jacket from Quirkbox during their sale here. I am a fan of the clothes but they are expensive and they have started designing for celebrities making the clothes much more pricey.

The white jacket has line drawings of cartoons. Truly quirky.

Styling it is a big problem. I tried it on a couple of times but nothing seemed to work... and then it struck me... all white with a pop of colour. The jacket has to be the hero piece and this is how I wore it:
White linen skirt : Marks and Spencers
Pink tube top : UCB
Footwear : Charles and Keith

On my lips : L'Oreal moist matte



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This is my 3rd nail paint from OPI and honestly, I was not impressed with the earlier ones. 
Yes, they are all opaque and need just 1 coat, maximum 2 but they do chip. I don't know if it just my nails or people just have a different perception about it. I didn't know why it costs 670 bucks. My 1st OPI dried up faster than a lot of cheaper brands and I had to throw it away.

This 3rd shade has changed my view. I love the color... OPI has soooooo many shades. Below shade is ski teal we drop. It is blue but a different kind of blue. I love the color and don't have anything remotely like it in my collection.

I applied this without a base or top coat and am impressed. It goes opaque in 1 coat but I have used 2 coats below. The best part is... it does not chip for 4-5 days which is impressive on my nails. Even after 1 week, there is slight chipping. Generally, nail paints start chipping on the same day or the very next day. 
670 bucks well spent. 

Will definitely add more OPI to my stash. What is left to be seen is if this will dry out as fast as the others. 



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I bought the glitter nail paints from nykaa.com as soon as they were launched.
I had spotted the color of the OPI nail paint in Colorbar a year back but did not buy it because it was expensive (around 300 bucks). But when I saw the same color in OPI I bought it. In my defence, I did look for the color in Colorbar on nykaa but did not find it. Love this color.

Left to right: Maybelline color show paparazzi purple, Maybelline color show starry nights, Maybelline color show denim dash and OPI ski teal we drop.
MRP of Glitter mania range of Maybelline color show: Rs 125
MRP of denim dash: Rs 75
MRP OF OPI : Rs 670

 Starry nights

Paparazzi purple

Denim dash. It has silver shimmer in it.

Ski teal we drop

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