I hate Brinjal... Naah, not the colour

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Hiya. Photographing the nail paints was the best idea. I actually came across some gems I had forgotten.

I like Inglot nail paints. They have an amazing range of shades. But they are pricey. 500 bucks is a lot of money for a nail paint specially when they chip within 1-2 days.

I am not very fond of glossy finish and love matte finish. It makes the paint seem like a part of the nail instead of something that has been put on.

It is looking glossy in the pics due to the light but is actually matte and purple... not bluish purple as seen above but a dark purple... brinjal coloured, to be specific. Another advantage with matte nail paints is that they dry quite fast.

This is shade 709 from Inglot.



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Hiya. I was in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj and as is my regular habit I strolled into MAC. I didn't expect to find or like anything there. I am familiar with their regular products and have loads of them. None of their recent new collections have excited me. Also, I had visited the Gurgaon store over the weekend and they had the same old stuff. I was surprised to see 3 new collections. I don't know the names or inspiration for the collection- not that it matters.

Collection 1: Mineral make up: a selection of mineral eye shadows and blushes. I am not into mineral make up, yet. I am yet to understand what the whole deal is.

Collection2: Coloured mascaras... drool. I have Max Factor's blue mascara but the colour does not show on my lashes. I wondered if MAC would be the same. There are mascaras in purple, burgundy, darker purple and black. I bought purple and I could see the colour in light. In low light, it will not be visible. MRP- Rs 1000. There are also 4 shades of pro longwear lipsticks, nail paints and a really cute blush with polka dots. I wanted to buy the blush but I don't apply so much blush to justify its purchase.

Collection 3: Lip and cheek stains. I liked this... there are 8 shades of stains. I bought "Keep it loose" which is very light and natural. I am not a fan of pink blushes. MRP- Rs 1300.

Then I went to Select Citywalk Mall. They have the entire collection while in Ambience some products are stocked out. As a habit, I strolled into Inglot and asked them about any new launches. Guess what, they also have new coloured mascaras- brown, bright blue, dark blue, purple and green. I bought dark blue 'coz I don't want 2 funky mascaras. One is enough. MRP- Rs 600. It cost me around 500 bucks after the 15% discount since I hold the Inglot member card. I wanted to kick myself for buying from MAC. As a general rule, I buy make up from Inglot and if I cannot find something there, I go to MAC. Inglot has similar or better products at lower prices.

My next stop was Lush. I have read soooo much about it and wanted to try out something... anything... but didn't want to pinch my wallet for it. I mean, 700 bucks for 100 gm of scrub or face wash? Really? Are they kidding me? I bought a shower jelly for 370 bucks (100 gm). I need a shower cream anyway.


A girl's best friend

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Hellos. I thought my first post should be on the one item of cosmetics which every female owns. This is the first step towards the long journey into the world of cosmetics. Someone told me that the highest selling SKU (stock keeping unit) in cosmetics is Lakme nail polish remover (in units not value). I was not surprised. Everyone owns nail paints and everyone needs to remove the nail paints. Lakme's remover is cheap and value for money (at that price).

Yep.. my post is on nail paints. I removed all my nail paints yesterday and photographed them. I was shocked to know I have 104 nail paints. Yes... am not kidding. But then I don't throw away nail paints till they become completely dry.

I have nail paints of below brands:

  • Colorbar: Maximum nail paints

  • Inglot

  • Maybelline

  • VOV

  • Lakme

  • OPI

  • Sally Hansen

  • Faces: A big mistake. Hate the nail paint

  • Deborah Milano

  • Bourjois

  • Avon

  • Max Factor: Free gift

  • Oriflame

  • L'Oreal

  • Essie

  • Revlon

  • NYX

How many do you have?


Welcome to the world of beauty bloggers

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Hiya. I have been reading beauty blogs for more than a year now and have finally decided to start my own.

I have been applying personal care products since I was a kid (we all have) but it is in the last 1.5 years that I have started experimenting with cosmetics and become more aware. I have so many products that I have had to consciously stop buying more.

I have decided to share my experience on this blog. Hope it goes well.

A few disclaimers:

- I am not affiliated to anyone in particular

- I do not have any company chasing me to review their products

- I buy products with my money for my personal use

- My reviews will be as honest as I am (which could mean anything, really)

I will not be putting up my pictures because I have seen pics get misused on the net all the time. Of course, a beauty blog cannot exist without pics but the product will be center piece here.

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