July Vellvette Box

The much awaited box is finally here. My colleague received it on Friday but I didn't. I was so disappointed. And then it arrived on Tuesday. Weird!!! Wouldn't it have saved money if we both would have received it on the same day?

Anyway, I was very excited on seeing her box.

The products in my box:
- Sally Hansen Miracle Cure: Full size product. MRP Rs 675. I am so happy to receive this product. My nails are in bad shape- brittle, chipping, yellow. This product claims to strengthen nails by 50% in 3 days.

- Nyassa Passion Burst Body Mist: sample size. Normally, I would be happy to receive a body mist but this one smells like a very cheap perfume. Hate it.

- LA Splash glitter masacara: Full size. MRP Rs 895. I am happy to receive a full size mascara which is also smudge proof... just what I need during monsoons. Love it. I wish I could have received a funky colour like blue or purple... but I will make do with a glitter mascara... my first.

- Bling nail appliques: Full size. MRP Rs 150. I am happy to receive these since I do experiment with nails. They are very delicate and need to be carefully applied. Unlike the other nail stickers, a top coat also needs to be applied. Love the net and flower design.


L'Oreal nail art

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I decided to try the nail art stickers this weekend. I have Sephora, Revlon and L'Oreal. I had tried L'Oreal in December'12 as well. I bought a new pack few months back and finally opened it.

I bought the shade 011- monogram which looks like a gold smiley on a black base but actually it is the logo of the L'Or collection launched during Cannes.

Claims made on the pack:
- Applies ultra easily
- Long wear- upto 10 days of wear
- Zero drying time or smudging
- 3 step application
- instant couture result

There are 18 stickers in pack priced at Rs 299. There are different shape for every size and shape of nail.

There are many designs and I like this the best. Everything else is too much bling. I applied these on alternate fingers on my left hand with gold nail paint.
To apply these:
- remove the nail sticker from the plastic film. Position on clean nails (do not apply on nails with any nailpaint... it has to be over bare nails)
- Fold the extra part of the sticker over the nail
- File nails to remove excess

Applying this is easy. Since I have used Revlon and Sephora, I can review these better. Sephora is so thin that most of the stickers tore off while applying (and they cost 600 bucks) while Revlon was perfect in this aspect. L'Oreal stickers are thicker than these which means they will last longer. The con is that there are bubbles while applying and filing them is very, very difficult. There was some extra part which felt very rough on my skin and very uncomfortable.

This is what it looked like in less than a day. The design had worn off the edge and only plastic could be seen at the edges.

Overall, I am not happy.

- Nice designs.... blingy... good for party wear
- Inexpensive... considering it is L'Oreal and Sally Hanson/Sephora cost much more

- Filing is very difficult making it uneven
- Since it is thick, does not fit nails as well as Revlon
- Does not last more than 1 day
- The design comes off the edges making it look horrible

Will I re-purchase? No

I think I will buy them only for an occasion like a wedding but otherwise avoid. I prefer the Revlon designs and product compared to L'Oreal.


What I wore today

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I came across a pic of a lady wearing a maroon top and grey/brown skirt and a maroon lipstick (matching the top)... loved it so much, I decided to try the same look. I don't think I would have paired maroon and brown together since both are dull colours and I love brights.

The top is from Promod- bought it during the previous sale. The skirt is from Splash, bought during current sale. I really like this skirt... it has pleats (please don't mind the creases).
Since it was raining I had to go with my Hush Puppies flats. On a regular day I would have paired it with a different footwear... maybe sandals or heels.
To brighten up the look, I paired a maroon lipstick keeping the rest of the make up very simple. It really stood out among the dull colours.

I really like this combo- very apt for office wear. 


Ombre nails

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I try some nail art every week but for the past 2 weeks I have not done anything. This weekend I decided to try something complicated, absolutely new and exciting- ombre nails. 'Ombre' means 'shaded'. It means multi coloured with colours graduating from light to dark (or vice versa).
The technique is actually quite simple. Take 2 colors... any 2 colors. I used pink Colorbar and purple Inglot nail paint. Put a few drops of each colour on a plastic... even a polythene will do. Place them next to each other. Take a wet sponge (I used a make up sponge)... dip them in the colour such that both colours come onto it. Dab them on the nails. Ensure that one colour is on top and another on the bottom on each nail. I had to do it 3 times and got the nail paint around my nails. Once it is dry, apply a top coat. I used the Inglot gel top coat. The top coat will make it look even.
Now take a cotton bud, dip it in acetone and clean up around the nails. Tada.... ombre nails are done.

You can go through this link for step by step instructions:

The only difference is that I did not paint my nails first. Actually, I did but used the purple nail paint which is much darker and the pink was not visible. You can skip the bottom coat.



Hi.... I visited the Bobbi Brown store in Delhi last weekend. How could I not??? It was all over the blogosphere. It is not a brand I was familiar with... plus I thought it is very expensive. I bought an orange matte lipstick and then went back the next day to buy a gel liner. I am loving both.

Below are my recent purchases:

L'Oreal True Match BB cream:

I have been waiting for this... finally, found it in Shoppers Stop. I tried it on today and loved it. It blends well and gives a glow to the face. It covers imperfections and has very good coverage. I could easily replace my foundation with this. It lasted all day on me. This is my immediate view. If it changes, I will do an in depth review. Rs 550.

Bobbi Brown grey gel eyeliner:

I like grey liners... they suit my eyes better since I have small eyes. Black just makes them seem smaller. After my Inglot grey gel liner dried up, I didn't buy another one. Bobbi Brown eyeliners are very famous and I wanted to try one. The brand has shades of brown and black. The liner has shimmer and I didn't purchase it on my first visit. I went again and tried it on. The shimmer is not visible and so bought it. When I apply it, it looks almost black but in the course of the day it looks more grey. It stays on and on. Plus the liner is not streaky (like MAC). Excellent purchase. Rs 1540 (yep... more expensive than MAC)

Bobbi Brown lipstick:

I have too many pinks and reds. I don't like buying same shade of lipstick in different brands. What is the point? I have developed an obsession with orange recently. Since I am fair I can get away with it. I picked up an orange matte lipstick from the brand. It is good... stays on all day... is not drying. The only problem is it settles into the lines at the end of the day and needs a touch up after eating. Rs 1300

Inglot mousse foundation:

Due to the heavy rains, I am very careful about make up. The last thing I want is my foundation dripping onto my clothes. Yuck!!! I apply MAC Studio Fix foundation these days. I was just checking out stuff at Inglot and loved the texture of the mousse. It felt soft and so silky. It feels very light once applied. I have stayed away from mousse after my horrible experience with L'Oreal Mat Morphose (literally threw it away). It gives light coverage and covers pores. I will wear it for a week and then review. Rs 1000

Inglot lip pencil:

I have 4 of these and I bought one more. Love them. Don't remember the price.


How to style a waistcoat

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I love waistcoats. They are so classy and yet nobody wears them. Waistcoats may seem masculine but there are many feminine ways to style them.
I had not been able to find a good (or any) waistcoat in the malls. I found them a little expensive online- around 600/700 bucks. I did not want to spend money on something that is only used to layer. I cannot waistcoat on its own, right? And then, I turned to Sarojini Nagar. I found the perfect black waistcoat for around 200/300 bucks.

This is what I wore today: Waistcoat from Sarojini layered over a dress from Lifestyle.
I like this dress- it is comfortable and with a little flare and has been with me for more than 2 years. I wear it with or without leggings. The waistcoat over it just elevates the look.

What do you think? How would you wear your waistcoat? 


How to make slouchy pants work in office on Friday

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I have a flight in the evening and decided to be comfy. Even on Fridays, I am not a tee and jeans kinda gal... Not anymore. I either wear a tee with a skirt or shirt with jeans or add a vest with jeans and tee. I never really dress "casual" unless I am feeling damn lazy.

Today I am wearing pants from Splash. I wanted them in black but they didn't have size, a formal top from Only and a funky vest from Quirkbox. I love the vest, it is so quirky. To elevate slouchy pants... Pair them with a formal top and heels. The idea is to draw attention away from them and yet look different.
Ignore the footwear. In an ideal world, I would have paired this with heels. 





Style section

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I am starting a new section- style section. 

I am not a stylist... I had the worst dressing sense which has improved over the years. I never knew I have an experimental streak. For the longest time I believed I prefer comfort over fashion. My stay in Delhi changed all that. It is truly the fashion capital. Women are dressed to the hilt whether at work or home or at a party. I really appreciate that. I have been researching a lot... I read blogs... magazines and browse shops. I am well versed with many brands. And I shop everywhere... malls... stores... streets. My favourite street for shopping is Sarojini Nagar... it has its own trends and style. 
Keep reading!!! 

Colour Blocking:
This is a big trend right now but does require guts. Also, there is a thin line between colour blocking and being Govinda-ish. I think the difference is confidence. Someday I am going to wear red and yellow together. 

This is what I wore today. My natural instinct would be to pair a blue skirt with grey/white/black top but the numerous style blogs I read have inspired me. I went with the red shirt.
- Red shirt with dark blue beetles- Wills Lifestyle
- Light blue skirt- Vero Moda
- Black ballets- Hush Puppies
I love the skirt... it is so comfy and I do not need to wear a slip underneath. I was looking for a black one but could not find in my size. The footwear is just for practical reasons since it rains all the time. If I had a choice, I would not pair this look with black footwear.
The outfit has been inspired from below @ styledrive
Please note:
- I will only use my phone to click pictures so please excuse the quality
- I am not into accessories... actually, picking clothes and putting on make up leaves me with little time to accessorize
- The objective is to give an idea on how different looks can be created. It is about getting out of the rut and trying something new


Inglot Haul

I went to the mall after work to check out the sales. After a long time I bought something from Inglot. Their new launches are generally not too exciting. I wish they would follow MAC strategy and launch a new collection every month. That will keep things fresh.

Top row, Left to right- Mattifying loose powder, pastel nail paints
Bottom row, left to right- eyelash curler, gel top coat, nail whitener

The SA applied the mattifying powder on one half of my face. I left the mall, took the auto and reached home in 1-1.5 hours. The right side of the face (where powder was applied) was 80% less oiler than the left side of the face (which did not have any powder). I have very, very oily skin and am automatically attracted to anything which says "matte". I am going to hit pan on my L'Oreal true match compact.

I read on a blog the comparison between Colorbar and Inglot eyelash curler. Apparently, the latter is much, much better than the former. It curls the eyelashes better and holds the curl longer. I have the former and have now picked up the latter. I wear mascara everyday and a good eyelash curler is a must.

My nails have become yellow despite applying Sally Hansen nail whitener as base coat before every application of nail paint. I have decided to try the Inglot nail whitener. It already seems better than the Sally Hansen one.

The SA showed me the gel top coat. It seals the nail paint and prevents chipping giving it a gel effect. I liked what I saw when I tried it in the store. The only problem is that it is not quick drying. I will use it when I have ample time to spend on my nails (once a week). 

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