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I decided to try the nail art stickers this weekend. I have Sephora, Revlon and L'Oreal. I had tried L'Oreal in December'12 as well. I bought a new pack few months back and finally opened it.

I bought the shade 011- monogram which looks like a gold smiley on a black base but actually it is the logo of the L'Or collection launched during Cannes.

Claims made on the pack:
- Applies ultra easily
- Long wear- upto 10 days of wear
- Zero drying time or smudging
- 3 step application
- instant couture result

There are 18 stickers in pack priced at Rs 299. There are different shape for every size and shape of nail.

There are many designs and I like this the best. Everything else is too much bling. I applied these on alternate fingers on my left hand with gold nail paint.
To apply these:
- remove the nail sticker from the plastic film. Position on clean nails (do not apply on nails with any nailpaint... it has to be over bare nails)
- Fold the extra part of the sticker over the nail
- File nails to remove excess

Applying this is easy. Since I have used Revlon and Sephora, I can review these better. Sephora is so thin that most of the stickers tore off while applying (and they cost 600 bucks) while Revlon was perfect in this aspect. L'Oreal stickers are thicker than these which means they will last longer. The con is that there are bubbles while applying and filing them is very, very difficult. There was some extra part which felt very rough on my skin and very uncomfortable.

This is what it looked like in less than a day. The design had worn off the edge and only plastic could be seen at the edges.

Overall, I am not happy.

- Nice designs.... blingy... good for party wear
- Inexpensive... considering it is L'Oreal and Sally Hanson/Sephora cost much more

- Filing is very difficult making it uneven
- Since it is thick, does not fit nails as well as Revlon
- Does not last more than 1 day
- The design comes off the edges making it look horrible

Will I re-purchase? No

I think I will buy them only for an occasion like a wedding but otherwise avoid. I prefer the Revlon designs and product compared to L'Oreal.


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