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I apply nail paints quite frequently. I hate chipped nails. But painting nails and giving them time to dry is a boring process. I hate sitting still for 30 mins ensuring the nail paint does not get ruined. Also, I mostly apply nail paint at night... the nail paint generally gets slightly ruined on my toe nails since I cover myself with a sheet when I sleep. Weird thing is that even after a nail paint is dry there is a chance of it getting ruined.

I do not like any of the Indian top coats... they just add shine. A year back my sis sent me Seche Vite top coat from USA. Initially, I used it as a base coat and a top coat. Big mistake... the nail paint would come off just like a papad (don't know a better word to describe it),

Then I started using it only as a top coat and it has become my miracle product... something I cannot live without. It dries instantly... and completely. It is extremely thick... unlike normal top coats.

I checked online and it retails for around 9.95$.

My biggest fear is... what will I do when it gets over. I should start scouting around websites to see where I can purchase it online.


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