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Hiya. I have been reading beauty blogs for more than a year now and have finally decided to start my own.

I have been applying personal care products since I was a kid (we all have) but it is in the last 1.5 years that I have started experimenting with cosmetics and become more aware. I have so many products that I have had to consciously stop buying more.

I have decided to share my experience on this blog. Hope it goes well.

A few disclaimers:

- I am not affiliated to anyone in particular

- I do not have any company chasing me to review their products

- I buy products with my money for my personal use

- My reviews will be as honest as I am (which could mean anything, really)

I will not be putting up my pictures because I have seen pics get misused on the net all the time. Of course, a beauty blog cannot exist without pics but the product will be center piece here.


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