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I last arranged my make up drawer in May'12 when I shifted into the new flat. In the last few weeks it has become a mess and I needed to re-arrange it again. I have clicked pics and counted the products. Its a LOT. It should last me all of my life. But does that stop me from buying more??? Nope... every month I decide to stop spending money on any more make up and just finish what I have but that never happens. The expenditure has reduced in the last few months but I need to finish off what I have before buying anything new.

Here are the pics:

All of my make up is placed in a large drawer. I bought a plastic arranger from Shoppers' Stop and have arranged them into compartments.

Those are foundations, compact and primers. I have 17 foundations, 3 compacts/pressed powders and 11 primers (all kinds).

Those are blushed- 17 of them. For someone who does not use them on a daily basis, thats a lot of blushes.

Lipsticks and eye liners (gel and liquid). I have 65 lipsticks (should I aim for 100) and 32 eye liners (including pencils)

Concealers- 7 of them.

Eyeshadows- 42 of them.

34 lipglosses

9 mascaras and some eye pencils

The whole collection again...

And thats where I do my make up. The brown box has my jewellery. The box had mugs. I found it perfect to keep my earrings and stuff for daily wear. All the expensive and daily wear brushes are outside.

How do you organize your make up?


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