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I have had dandruff problem since I was in school. When I started working, I used Head and Shoulders. The problem was that if I switched, the dandruff would come back. So, I had to keep using it. Then one fine day, it was stopped working. The dandruff would not go away completely and also when I switched back to it, it would take 1-2 weeks to have any effect.

Then I discovered Matrix Anti Dandruff shampoo. This worked better than H&S. But during the monsoons this year, I got some boils on my scalp. It itched and the dandruff was not gone completely. If I scratched my scalp, it was there. I was looking for something which would make it go away completely... no matter how hard I scratched my scalp I didn't want to come across the flakes.

My prayers were answered. I use a few products of Vichy and they work for me. I picked up Vichy Anti dandruff shampoo at Rs 1090 for 200 ml. It is for itchy, oily scalp. There are 2 kinds of dandruff- the dry, flaky kinds and the itchy, oily kinds. The shampoo is different for both of these.

It is yellow ochre in color and I need slightly more quantity (compared to other shampoo) for proper lather.

After shampoo, conditioner is a must. It makes the hair clean but not smooth. They feel a little rough. But then again, smoothness is not supposed to be part of its job description.

Overall, a great shampoo... the best for dandruff. Very pricey but if the other options in the market are not working, this can be tried.

I will definitely buy it again.


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