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I am a big of Lush... even the store guy at Kurla store knows me well. He has a knowing smile on this face when I enter. I feel so guilty.
I have been trying out their soaps currently. I don't buy the same once twice... why should I when there are so many options to choose from?

Rockstar soap:
I am currently using this soap. It costs between Rs 300-400 for 100 gm and lasts about a month. Lush soaps generally do not last too long since they are very soft and melt easily.
It is bubblegum flavoured and for kids. Yep... I bought a kids soap. I love the smell... so bubblegummy.
It feels soft on the skin, glides easily and foams well.
The only problem is that the fragrance does not last beyond the bath. As a trial, the soap is wonderful but I will not re-purchase.
Honey I washed the kids soap:
This soap is meant for dry skin and I have normal skin (body... face is very oily) but I could not resist the smell of honey. Priced at Rs 380 for 100 gm, it is worth every penny. It feels soft on the skin... foams well... and the honey smell lingers after the bath.
I found the honeycomb at the end a little irritating but it can be removed. 
Generally, with soaps like these cleaning is not effective... meaning, you don't feel squeaky clean. Thankfully, that is not the problem with Lush soaps. They all make me "squeaky clean". 

This was the first soap I tried... I was attracted to the lemon scent. It is not as soft as the above soaps but does its job well. Priced at Rs 300, it is one of their cheapest soaps... and lasts longer than the others. 
Try it if you like lemon scent. It is a light yellow coloured soap with a lemon shaped design.

Yep... thats the name of the soap. It is a men's soap but I love it. This is my favourite (along with honey). It has a mint fragrance and feels cool on the skin. I swear... my skin felt cool and tingled (like when mint is applied). It is perfect for the summer. I don't remember the price and it is not available on Lush India website. MRP should be between Rs 300-400. The fragrance lasts after the bath also.
I will definitely re-purchase this one.

Most websites suggest that the soap should be chopped up into smaller pieces... they will last a longer time. I haven't tried it yet... but will do so next time.

Note- All pics taken from Lush websites. 


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