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Many times while wearing a dress I would wish for something to smoothen out the bulges. Of course the best way is to lose the bulge but that takes time. What do you do in the meantime? And how do those extremely curvy women like Kardashian have flat tummies?
So, I tried to find out online and the answer was shapewear. Basically, these garments are worn under the clothes (may or may not replace lingerie) and they smoothen out different parts of the body- waist, hips, thighs, tummy etc.
Unfortunately, I could not find any reviews for shapewear in India. I just found 1 post which was also a sponsored one. Finally, I had to experiment for myself and thats why am writing this post. I don't want another Indian woman to face such issues.
I bought shapewear from 3 brands- Marks and Spencers, Triumph and Hanes.
Rules to buy shapewear:
- Buy 1 size larger. I wear UK 10 and bought UK 12
- It should fit properly and not roll down or up
- It does not reduce your size. Example, if you wear UK 10, it will not make you look UK 6 or 8. It just smoothens out the bulges
- Buy in nude colour preferably so that it can be worn under anything
- A good brand product will be comfortable enough to wear even in summers
- You cannot wear it while sleeping (I read this question online)
- You should wear it only for short periods of time. I have worn it to office for 8 hours and it is mostly comfortable
- If washing in a machine, do not spin or use dryer. They will become loose.

And here they are:

1) Tummy control panty by Marks and Spencers:

Shapewear at M&S costs Rs 2400 and above. It has a whole section on shapewear. You should check it out. Out of all 4, this is my favorite.
- It holds your tummy in
- Does help in smoothening out thighs though
- Very comfortable and can be worn all day
- The top band rolls down slightly as the hours pass but it is not noticeable
- The material is thin and satiny making it very comfy
- Can be worn under everything- pants or dresses
- Reaches upto the high waist. I don't like shapewear which ends in the middle of the waist. I think it will push your bulge higher

 2) Tummy and thigh shaper by Triumph

This costs around 2k and is available in Lifestyle. Not available in Shoppers Stop.
- It starts from the high waist and reaches above the knee
- Cannot be worn with minis, short dresses or shorts
- Can be worn with pants
- Material is thick and satiny
- Comfortable enough to wear in summers
- Top band does not roll down which is a big plus
- This is my 2nd favourite of the lot

3) Tummy, hips and thigh shaper by M&S

Costs above Rs 2400 and available only in M&S stores
- I loved this when I bought it initially. In fact, this was my 1st purchase but after a few washes its true colours are visible
- The skirt rolls up and so it cannot be worn as a slip. For a sheer dress/skirt I need to wear a slip over this making it very uncomfortable. 3 layers of under clothes is a bit much
- The top band has started rolling down making it uncomfortable
- Comfortable enough to wear in summers
- I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. In fact, after this experience I won't be purchasing from M&S shapewear. They cost a bomb and the quality changes after a few washes

4) Full body from Hanes

MRP Rs 600/700 on flipkart.com. It came with a hole in it but I saw it much later and could not return it. flipkart.com really sucks these days. Their 3rd party vendors send any crap across.
- The material is thick and cheap. But considering the price that is expected
- It shapes the body moderately
- The biggest problem is it is so uncomfortable. If you have to pee, the entire thing needs to come off. I don't think this is a brand problem I just bought the wrong product
- Can be uncomfortable in summers since material is thick

If you ask me, Triumph comes out tops. It is affordable with good quality.

Want to see the difference shapewear can make?

On the left : I am not wearing shapewear and you can make out the uneven shape
On the right: Wearing Triumph shapewear and my tummy looks flat.

Which is real? Both are.


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