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I am going to review a product I love... it isn't something I need but want.... its a common feature on this blog. If I start buying only what I need, my dressing table will be 3/4th empty.

I am falling in love with Lush products. They do have their misses but they are worth a try and they smell awesome.

I came across their massage bars.... its basically a soap style moisturizing oil. You have to rub it on your body and it melts turning into oil. The oil is absorbed in a few minutes. It is awesome for dry skin and being winters even oily skinned people can use it. I have a slightly oily body skin (face is very, very oily) and I love using it at night.

I bought the Soft Coeur (The Honeymooner) for Rs 550 for 100 gm (not sure about the weight).

Below pics have been taken after I used up 50% of it. I have been using it for more than 2 weeks and it will last for another 2-4 weeks.


The massage bar is made of honey and cocoa and smells like that. I love the smell.



I love smelling of honey before sleeping. It gets absorbed after a few mins (until then it feels oily) and does not stain the bedsheet or anything else.

I love it.


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