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I am back after a break and I have many reviews. Basically, I have finished a few products and before throwing away the empty containers I decided to review them.

I bought the Body Shop Tea Tree Mask 3-6 months back and have been using it since. I had visited the store looking for a mask for oily skin. The BA did not direct me correctly and I ended up buying this mask which is for acne prone skin. I was looking for something which would reduce the oiliness. The BAs of Body Shop are pathetic... they look so bored. I need to request them to try on foundations or make up... horrible.

The MRP is Rs 745 for 110 gm. The mask is green in color and dries fast - a very important aspect while buying the mask. I apply a mask on a daily basis and like it to dry fast since I don't have hours in the morning... 15 mins is all I have.

I generally apply a thin layer since a thicker one takes time to dry. But the mask does nothing for my skin. It does not prevent acne or dry them or remove oiliness.

Thats a problem with Body Shop products... they look good... they feel good... they smell good but they don't improve the skin texture or quality.

It took me almost 6 months to finish but I am glad its over.

Will I re-purchase? No ways...


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