A new brand- Forest Essentials

I have so many empty bottles lying around for the past 1 month. Today I have decided to review them and throw away the empties.

Forest Essentials is a brand I have been reading a lot about on beauty blogs. Its not a brand I would have gravitated towards normally since it is expensive and available at exclusive outlets. But the reviews pulled me towards it. The brand has Ayurveda products priced at Rs 500 and above.

I normally try a  face wash or body wash or face mask of a new brand... since my skin is sensitive and I don't like changing my moisturizer.

Forest Essentials has gift packs as well. I decided to pick up one which has 6 bottles of tiny sizes.


Each bottle is 50 ml and priced around 225 bucks. The box cost me 1300 bucks. The last bottle is missing 'coz I threw it away once it was over. It makes for a good gift. You can pick and choose which products you want in the box.

100_0266[1]I picked the below:

- Hair conditioner- Rose

- Shower wash- Honey and Vanilla

- Shower wash- Indian Rose

- Shower wash- Jasmine and Mogra

- Facial cleanser- Lemon and Rosemary

- Bath and Shower Oil- Indian Rose

Hair Conditioner- Rose: I don't like floral smells. None of my perfumes have a floral fragrance. I prefer a fruity fragrance. But Ayurveda products are mostly floral based. This conditioner has a strong Rose smell which I liked (surprisingly).


The conditioner is white in color. I applied it after shampoo and..... it made my hair rough. There was no smoothening effect instead they became more entangled.


I was surprised. It is the worse conditioner I have ever used. I checked the reviews online... they were few but all of them positive. The next time I visited the mall I complained to the store. In the evening the SA called me and asked me to pick up something else for free. According to her there was probably some issue in the product. I had already thrown away the bottle by then but did appreciate the gesture.

Shower Gel: Honey and Vanilla. MRP Rs 195. It smells of honey and vanilla. A very strong smell which I like. What I don't like is how mild it is. I need to use more quantity and since it is pricey... it ends up being very expensive. Also, the bottle is not travel friendly.


Shower gel: Indian Rose. MRP 195. It has a strong Rose smell which is very pleasing (I don't generally like the Rose fragrance). It is also very mild.


Shower Gel: Jasmine and Mogra. MRP Rs 195. It has a strong Jasmine fragrance but it is also very mild as a shower gel.



Facial cleanser- Honey, Lemon and Rosewater. MRP Rs 250. It has a Rose fragrance. I like a face cleanser which gives me a squeaky clean feeling.... after washing, my face should feel squeaky clean. This face wash fails to give that. It is also mild and I need to use more quantity to get a clean feeling.


Bath and Shower Oil- Indian Rose. MRP is Rs 340. It can either be added water while bathing or as a moisturizer after bath. I have not tried the latter since my skin is oily. I add it to my bath. A few drops are enough to make the bathroom smell like roses. I love this. It is expensive but will last me quite sometime... maybe a few months since a little is enough.


What I don't like is the packaging. It has a cap which has to be either be removed with nails (it damages my nail paint) or the cap can be discarded or a hole can be made in the plastic, transparent cap. The last 2 options makes it a bad travel pack. The face wash always leaks out when I carry it in my bag.


Pros of Forest Essentials products:

- Ayurvedic... most ingredients are natural

- Paraban free

- No animal testing (I am not very finicky about this... even medicines are animal tested.. it is unavoidable)

- Very strong floral fragrance

- Mild - making it suitable for sensitive skin and people who do not like too many chemicals


- Expensive

- Mild (I do not like  mild products) making it expensive

- Fragrance may be a problem for those who do not like floral smells

- Conditioner is bad (but don't take my word for it... maybe I got a bad batch or something)

Will I re-purchase?

I may buy the bath and shower oil once it is over but definitely not the others. I will try out the ubtan and other products from the store next time.

And now I can throw away the empties.


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