Skin care session by Clarins

I had an awesome time today. I received a mail yesterday from Vellvette.com for a skin care session at Clarins at Palladium Mall, Lower Parel. LP is quite a distance away from where I stay. But the idea of free goodies and products from Clarins and Vellvette made me eager to attend. I just had to pay refundable Rs 500.

I reached the store at 4.30 pm and realized there are 4 other women. There are 4 batches of 5 women each on Sat and Sun. There were 3 people for Vellvette and 2 from Clarins apart from the SAs. I was used as a model. The trainer did the whole session on my face while the other 4 women did on themselves. There were SAs to help them and show them the correct method.

Before starting we filled out a questionnaire about our skin type and then a SA did my skin analysis. My skin is dehydrated. Weird, right? I cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday and yet my skin is dehydrated. Reason? I do not scrub every week and am not regular with my sun block

- It started with cleaning make up. Everyday I use the make up remover on my eyes and end up rubbing them. The trainer showed us the correct method to use the remover on eyes. Put the remover on the cotton pad, keep it on the eyes for 10 seconds. Wipe the top of the eyes gently inward to outward and then bottom of the eyes.

- Next was cleaning with appropriate cleanser

- Scrubbing. A non granular clay scrub was used. It has to be rubbed off after drying instead of washing off. I will definitely buy it once I finish the scrubs I already have. I did not know that you should always clean the face before using the scrub.

- A face mask was applied which can be part of the weekly routine. It was very hydrating and smooth and brought a glow to my face.

- An eye mask was applied. I purchased this one.

- Toning. Did you know that a cotton is not required to use a toner? I did not know that. Instead, you can take a few drops on your hand... rub them (all products must be rubbed in the palms to bring them to room temperature) and then dab it on the face. Btw, alcoholic toners are not good for the skin. I have preferred alcoholic toners till now. Time to change? Maybe.

- Clarins new (and expensive) launch- Double serum was applied. This is supposed to be all in one product. But priced at Rs 4900.

- Final step was a moisturizer and sun block. The sun block is the lightest I have ever applied

All of us had a glow on our faces like we just got a facial done. Awesome!!!

We bought 1 product each at 10% discount. Apparently, Clarins never offers discounts. We were given gift bags from Clarins and Vellvette.

After the session we had bagel sandwiches and chocolate tarts at Moshe's and interacted with the team of Vellvette- Harleen, Kaushik and Rima. There are awesome... I was so J... 'coz their job is so exciting. I would love to do something like this. I am going to attend future workshops as well.

The goodies



The Vellvette goodies


A perfumed candle




A perfume- Tous H2O- Smells good


Nail Art- so cool


Clarins Goodies


Cleanser, Moisturizer, Beauty Balm


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