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So, its a rage even in India right now. And I have many of them. Traditionally, BB creams were invented as treatment for acne scars/surgery. They basically treat skin as well as give coverage.

Indian BB creams only give coverage and some other benefits but they do not treat skin issues or repair skin over time. They are mostly tinted moisturizers. Thats why I have included Clinique tinted moisturizer also.

Left to Right- Face It BB cream, Maybelline BB stick, Maybelline BB cream, Garnier BB cream, Clinique tinted moisturizer.


Swatches- Right to left- Face It BB cream, BB Stick, Maybelline BB cream, Garnier BB cream, Clinique moisturizer.

The clinique moisturizer is slightly darker for my skin tone while all the others are much lighter. Thats one major issue with BB creams- the shades don't match and are very, very light for Indian skin tones.


Face It BB cream- I bought this from Sephora for around 1300 bucks (don't remember the exact price) when it first opened. It is quite pricey but I wanted to try it out. It is described as- with 70% moisture content, including deep sea water, a light application provides a sense of coolness and freshness the moment it touches the skin.

It has a lot of moisture content and is hydrating. It has a very light texture and spreads easily. The color is very light but since coverage is not high it doesn't matter. It mattifies the face for a few hours. I like it but will not re-purchase.

Maybelline BB stick- This is a recent launch by Maybelline. It is BB cream in a stick form. The price is Rs 250 for 10 gm. It is available in only 2 shades- Radiance and Fawn. The first is very light and the latter very dark. There needs to be an in-between. It has SPF as well as PA+++. It can easily replace a suncreen.

Since the shade is light I blend it well. It blends into the skin. The texture becomes powdery from cream on application. It mattifies skin and there is no need for compact. Unfortunately, it does not last more than 2-3 hours. I will use it only when I have to go out for 2-3 hours.

Overall, a good product and one I will surely re-purchase.



Maybelline BB cream- This is the first BB cream launched in India. It comes in 3 shades- all of them extremely light. It is priced at Rs 199 for 18 ml. The texture is slightly thicker than Face It BB cream. It is creamy and slightly difficult to blend. It does not moisturize. It does mattify and give the skin a slight glow but for a short time only. I use it as a make up base. Coverage is also low.

It is my least favorite product out of all of these.


Garnier BB cream- This is a recent launch. It is priced at Rs 99 for 18 gm. It is creamier and thicker than Maybelline BB cream and more moisturizing. I wear it as a make up base since it provides sun protection. Since coverage is low the lighter shade does not impact much.

Will I re-purchase? Yes... I find it easier to blend and wear it when going grocery shopping or something. It can replace sun screen as well.


Clinique tinted moisturizer- I read online that this product has the highest coverage among all the others. I bought it from strawberrynet.com (it is available at Clinique stores) months back. I love it. The coverage is awesome... the best. It is not foundation and yet gives good coverage. It cannot be used as a moisturizer.  The price is Rs 1600 for 30 ml but the product has lasted me almost a year. I use it atleast 3-4 times in a month.

Will I re-purchase? Yes... it is pricey but I think the coverage is awesome. There are times when I don't want to apply foundation or a BB cream... I need something in between. This product is perfect for those days.


I have not been posting about make up... 'coz I am lazy. I need to take swatches and ensure the correct shade shows up in pics. I will try and make the effort to review more make up products.

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