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On the last visit to Sephora I wanted to try something of the 'Sephora brand'. I decided to try a lip stain. I love lipsticks which come in a tube- e.g limited edition of MAC, NYX etc.

I purchased this for Rs 800. Don't know the quantity. It has a plastic packaging and an applicator.

The lip stain is red in colour... slightly darker than a blood red. I did not want to go to work today and decided to jazz up the day with this red lip stain. I wore for the first time. Yep... I have had it for 5-6 months.

I do not believe in subtle colours at work. You should wear what you want to... who said only dull and nude colours are apt for work? It was probably someone with no guts to wear funky colours.
I got a lot of compliments today... I kept the rest of the make up very simple... only mascara and foundation... the red colour was the only focus.

Now, the best part-
- It does not smudge at ALL... I applied it in the morning... and touched up after lunch. I generally never touch up but the lunch was a heavy one  and a touch up made it look better
- It looked just as fresh at the end of the day
- It goes on like a gloss and then becomes matte. I blotted it after applying to make it matte and look like a stain
- It does not moisturise and does not dry. My lips are very dry and I apply a lip balm every hour. I did not need the lip balm even once throughout the day. The 2nd non drying lipstick (after Ronnie Red)
- It does not bleed. To be safe, I applied a lip liner anyway.

Please ignore the oiliness on my face.... I have very oily skin and the light in office did not help in the pictures.

On my next visit to Sephora I will pick up a few more shades of this lip stain.
Very, very good. 


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