I was in the mall yesterday and picked up a few things I NEED and one that I WANT. Know the difference?

Bottom to top: Body Tea Tree Pore Minimiser 30 ml MRP Rs 1245, Grapeseed glossing serum 75 ml MRP Rs 570, Mac Pro Longwear Heart Hangover MRP Rs 1400 (limited edition)

I have gigantic crater like pores and thats all I see when I look into the mirror. I had tried Body Shop's Seaweed Pore Minimiser but that did nothing. This Tea Tree thing is a new launch. I did not see it in the stores last week. I picked it up even though its expensive. Hope it works. It has to be applied after the moisturizer.

I generally use a L'Oreal serum but that is over. I have ordered it and should receive it this week. I wanted to buy a serum to control the frizz. So, I bought this one. Again, this is new and I have not seen it in their stores earlier.

I have wanted a maroon shade lipstick. It looks classy with all black dress. This is the most exploited color by Indian women. Anyone and everyone wears it no matter what their age, skin color or dress color. It has something to do with the maroon bindi sported by so many married women. Even my mum does not leave home without a maroon bindi. This shade has to be worn judiciously. I do have the same shade in Mac glossy but that SUCKs, big time. You will know why in my next post.


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