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Recently, I have been using pencil liners more frequently and the gel liner usage has reduced. Pencil liners are more convenient to use... they don't need a brush and can be carried along for touch ups.
But gel liners give a different look and they are my favorite liners.
I have used below gel liners:
- Mac- blue, purple, green and brown
- Bobbi Brown- grey
- L'Oreal- black
- Maybelline- black

After the Maybelline gel dried up (pretty soon) I bought the L'Oreal liner but it also dried up recently and I needed a new one urgently. On visiting New U, none of the brands (Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal) had a tester. The SAs were showing me the tester for brown liner and that is just weird. Why will I test brown when I want to buy black? And no... black is not black... black also has shades. How else would the brands make money by advertising 'blackest of black'?
Anyway, yesterday I tried out the new Maybelline gel liner and purchased. It is a new formula and a better packaging. I have worked a bit in make up and know that better claims do not mean a new formula. Most times the formula/product remains the same but better claims can be made.
My one big problem with liners is oily eyelids. I have oily skin and the lids are very oily. Everything smudges on my right lid.

Earlier, the liner came in a tub with a steel lid which looked cheap. The lid had dents within a few months so I am glad with the new packaging. The tub is sleek with the black cap. The brush which is free with it is the same. I still use the old brush so... am glad it is the same.
MRP Rs 450.

The product is black and creamy... creamier than Mac. I like the texture. It feels very smooth.

Below are the swatches. When I applied it... it was slightly sheer. It did not apply completely opaque in 1 swipe on the eyes. I had to apply 2-3 swipes to get the completely dark, black look. 
In below swatches it looks completely opaque though. 

Instead of clicking pictures of the liner freshly applied I have clicked them at the end of the day. This is after 7 hours of wear which included... shopping at mall ... and 1 hour of sweaty dance class. It has smudged slightly on my right eye... below and above but on the left eye it is intact. I am pretty happy with the wear time. I don't wear liner while exercising/dancing but if it can survive the sweaty class... it will survive on my oily lids during summer for atleast 8 hours.
The brands claims 36 hr wear but I am not going to test it out... for obvious reasons. 

Overall, I am happy with the liner. It is a new formula and new packaging. I will definitely buy it again. It is as good as Mac... wish it had more shades, though.


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