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I had the day off and KC didn't, so the entire day was mine to do anything at leisure. It has been 6 months in Gurgaon and I had not visited Sarojini Nagar... so thats where I went.
I reached around 11 am before it started getting crowded. Also, at this time shopkeepers are desperate for 'boni' or 1st sale of the day and bargaining is easier.

There is a stall which sells only tee shirts... they don't have too many colour options... mainly white and black but the quality is awesome. I went there specially to stock up on tees. It cost me 300 bucks each but the quality is as good as any mall brand... even better.

This is a crop top.

How cute are these prints... elephant and bicycle and the neon colours... for 200 bucks each. 

French connection tees for 200 bucks each... the vendor refused to bargain...

And my favourite... light jackets... can even be worn in summer... 200 bucks each.

A crochet jacket for 200 bucks. I don't own anything of crochet and so bought this... but it will be a little tricky to style this. It could end up looking tacky.

 Here are some tips on shopping at SR:

  • Timing is very important. Markets like SR are generally very crowded. Avoid them on weekends as much as possible. If weekday shopping is not an option, go in the morning... around 11 or 12. 
  • Carry a large bag... specially if you are travelling by metro. The small stalls only give white polythene which can tear easily. Or you can buy a big, ugly bag for less than 100 bucks. I would suggest carrying a bag. 
  • SR does have parking but I think metro is extremely comfortable. It costs 20-30 bucks by auto from the station. Also, traffic to INA is killing. Last time it took us 2 hours by car. Metro is the best option
  • SR is a confusing place... even marking landmarks don't help. The vendor for the French Connection tees refused to bargain and I went looking for an ATM. Guess what, I forgot the way... thought the vendor was at the end of the market and went round and round looking for it... it was actually in the centre and I crossed it 4 times. 
  • Avoid footwear and purses. Even footwear bought from the shops have not lasted very long and I paid 700 bucks for a pair. Not all of them are bad... but I am not happy. The purses' quality also isn't good. My last purchase broke the 1st time I used it. Stick to clothes. 
  • SR is basically a market with factory seconds or rejects. Most companies like Zara, H&M, Atmosphere, Mango etc manufacture in India. The rejects (mostly with minor defects) are sold off (illegally). They end up in SR. Check before you purchase. I have not come across major defects and the quality is pretty good. Minor issues can be resolved at the local tailor. Some of my purchases have been better than mall stuff. Even Zara and Mango sales have factory seconds... how is SR any worse?
  • Size can be an issue. The first time I went to SR I bought shorts with size 32. On coming home I realized they are low waist and 34 would have been better. Thankfully, I lost inches and they fit very well now. But... always buy a size larger. You can get it altered easily. Don't believe the vendors... they are just trying to sell off their stuff and will not hesitate to tell you that it is the right size. Another thing vendors do is stretch the top or dress or pants (if they have elastic) and make you buy a smaller size. You don't want the elastic stretching itself and biting into your flesh. 
  • Bargain... I am always a little shy initially. Always start at 50% of the price quoted by a vendor. Don't budge from your rate... the vendor will come around... 9 out of 10 times. Not kidding. I got everything at the rate I quoted
  • In case a vendor does not come around, bargaining won't help. You cannot have an ego while shopping. I generally walk away and if he does not call me back I return after sometime to buy it at the vendor's price. 
  • Carry enough cash. There are only 2 ATMs in SR and there is always a queue. I keep around 2k in my wallet 'coz I am generally tempted to use all the money. 
  • Wash the clothes at home. They are generally hung outside and have mud and dirt on them
  • SR generally has trends... most stalls will have a similar trend. They don't all have same clothes (like Lokhandwala in Mumbai). Example, last time it was pallazzo pants... they were everywhere. This time it was animal, funky prints. 
And this is my haul from Forever21. 
- Red pants... really cool
- Satin tops in blue and sea green... yep, bought same style in different colours
- Round, neon earrings
- Necklaces... trying to sport the new trend of wearing necklace with everything. Still not confident enough to wear large pieces... so have bought smaller pieces. 


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