The Perfect Make Up Remover

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I found the perfect make up remover for my face.
Body Shop camomile cleansing butter. I have reviewed a similar Clinique product here.
The Clinique make up remover is priced at Rs 2k for 125 ml while Body Shop is Rs 895 for 90 ml. For this simple reason, I prefer Body Shop remover.


It comes in a tin tub which is quite shallow. It is easier to carry than the Clinique one since the tub is smaller. Of course, it has already formed dents and that is kind of tacky.
The product is a think butter which melts into the skin. I rub a cotton pad into the product and then apply it on my face. Generally, 3 swipes for freshly applied foundation and 2 swipes for a light foundation effectively remove the make up.
I always wash my face afterwards since traces of make up transfer onto a tissue, if used.

It has lasted me 2 months and there is more product left.

I don't use it for my eyes because I hate when it gets into the eyes. It can be used for eyes though. 


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