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So, after liking shower jelly I picked up Dreamwash shower smoothie from the store a month back. I have been using it for almost a month  and I am almost out of it.

I picked this up instead of the shower jelly 'coz I like trying different body washes. The BA had tried it on my hand. He wet my hand, took a bit of the product, scrubbed a bit and washed it off. There was no smell but my hand was squeaky clean. I like squeaky clean.

The smoothie is priced at Rs 1160 for 250 gm. Thats expensive... very expensive. The shower jelly would have cost around 900 bucks. It has lasted me around 3-4 weeks which is very, very less. The same amount of shower jelly would have lasted atleast 2 months.

The product is white in color and smooth... feels a little like talc. The main ingredients are aloe vera and calamine. It claims to cool the skin and take the heat out of troubled, sensitive skin.

Its usage is a major issue. I tried using the loofah but unlike the shower jelly it does not lather too much. So, I had to take a little product in the loofah... clean one leg... then take some more and then clean another leg. Very inconveniencing. On the 2nd day I decided to skip the loofah but I could not get any lather and my skin didn't feel squeaky clean after bath.

It did make my skin feel soft after bath. I don't mind that it does not have any fragrance... anyways, my body lotion covers up any smell.

Pathetic product... why would anyone create this and price it so high???

Will I re-purchase? No


  1. Expensive... freaking expensive

  2. Lasts for barely a month

  3. Inconvenient to use

  4. Better and cheaper options in the market


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