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I love different colored nail paints (who doesn't?) When I was in college I would paint my nails blood red. Everyone found it too bold. This was 8-10 years back in A'bad where women don't follow latest trends. The fact that I am fair is a big advantage. I can carry most colors. And my nails are my assets... I get compliments for them. My fingers are long and so are the nails. I do not like to grow them long 'coz of hygienic reasons. In school I would have given everything to be able to grow them long but once I was out of school I realized what a hassle that it.

Here is one of my favorite nail paint color.... White. Yes, it looks bold. It is Inglot 038 priced at Rs 450-500 (don't remember the exact price). It is clear white... not cream not grey... completely white. It is a shade not many women sport (I haven't seen any unless in French Manicure).

The color is good... the nail paint is not. It goes on streaky on first coat and does not look good at all. A 2nd coat is needed to clean that out... and maybe a 3rd one if you can't apply nail paint too well. I generally apply 2 coats of any paint but love a shade which lets me get away with 1 coat. Its a long and tedious process... base coat, 2 coats of nail paint, top coat... whew!!!

Colorbar has the same shade and I think it applies better... even if it does not... its just a loss of Rs 150 against a Rs 450-500 with Inglot. Inglot has good paints but this one is not one of them.


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