Haul and Review- Dove Elixir Hair Oil

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Hi. I am back after a loooooonnnnngggg break.

I have been noticing the big hoardings and banners everywhere for Dove hair oil. I wanted to see and buy the product. I wasn't sure about the price and looked for it in the hypermarket. It was nowhere to be seen. I had to ask the promoter to help me find it. Why will a company have visibility outside the store but not at the point of sale? The purchase happens inside the store. This is what the box looks like.


And this is what the bottle looks like. I fell in love. At Rs 185, it did not seem pricey. The hair oil comes in a glass bottle with pump. The best part are the hibiscus petals in the oil. Yep... real petals inside the bottle. How cool is that?100_0244


The hair oil has Argan oil and hibiscus. It is non oily/ non sticky. It can be used in 2 ways- apply 30 mins before washing your hair or apply it after washing your hair.

I tried is both ways.

When applied before washing the hair, it makes the hair shiny like regular hair oil without making it sticky. It smells divine- rose with some fruity fragrance. I love the fragrance. While washing I need to use the shampoo only twice to remove it completely. With regular hair oil I have to shampoo 3-4 times. I don't know what kind of benefit it gives... I usually oil my hair once a week to make them less rough.

When applied after washing it makes the hair soft and silky. I love the smell. But, it makes the hair weighed down. I get the oily feeling... like I have applied something. It does not feel as light as a serum. By the end of the day my hair become oily.

I have decided to apply it overnight.

Will I re-purchase? Maybe... after I finish off with Parachute hair oil, Ultra Doux hair oil, Lancome Elixir... but it is not a requirement... it is more of a fad... a want. I don't NEED this product. It does not fulfill any latent need.


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